Get up early and do these six little things well, and you will be happier and happier for the rest of your life.

/August 2022

the plan of the day lies in the morning, and the state of a person in the morning also reflects the appearance of his life.

as Mr. Nan Huaijin, a master of Chinese studies, said:

do these six things well after getting up early, so that you can have a sense of happiness in one day.


bathe in the sun, wake up the sleeping body

early in the morning, open your eyes from the crisp alarm and get up slowly.

the first thing is to go to the window, open the curtains and let the morning light shine into the house.

take a few deep breaths of fresh air, exhaust the turbid air of the body, and immediately feel relaxed and happy.

this feeling is clearer, especially in an environment surrounded by flowers and trees.

look at the green plants in the distance, or look up at the sky, the field of vision is wide, and people gradually wake up.

getting up early and basking in the sun is also good for our sleep.

Yasuhiro Yasuni, president of the Japanese Society of Physiology and Anthropology, said that light has an important effect on the biological clock.

Blue light in the sun can stimulate people's sympathetic nerves and keep us awake.

in our daily life, we work indoors for a long time and use electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.

these artificial light sources break the sense of rhythm given to the human body by natural light, and the biological clock is easy to be disordered and affect the quality of sleep.

bask in the sun, sleep more soundly at night, be full of energy during the day, and bid farewell to the life of "black and white upside down".

when the weather is fine, bathing in the morning light is also a big reason for people to feel good.

many people have this experience on weekends. When they sleep until noon, they are in a bad mood.

in the soft morning light, stretch, and the day begins in this unhurried way.


have a big breakfast and "recharge" yourself

Life begins with a good meal, replenishes your energy, and starts with a breakfast.

gourmet Cai Lan, general consultant of "China on the tip of the tongue", said:

people who love life must get up early and, like birds, they are paid for a delicious and rich breakfast. "

in the morning, when people are full and secure, they will live with vigor and vitality.

Song Meiling, a talented woman of the Republic of China, is a goddess, and her figure and appearance have always been maintained very well.

Song Meiling, who lived to the age of 106, can afford to be a "winner in life".

and one of her secrets is to have a reasonable nutritious breakfast.

Soong Mei-ling's breakfast recipes are recorded in the archives of Taiwan's Yuanshan Hotel: high-fiber toast, American fried eggs, vegetable strips with yogurt, fresh fruit, and almond tea.

in this seemingly simple recipe, there is actually health-preserving wisdom.

Song Meiling's breakfast contains three elements of a healthy breakfast: high-quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and other trace elements that are beneficial to the body.

We can also prepare a balanced breakfast for ourselves without spending too much money, which is the best investment in our health.

Scientific research shows that skipping breakfast for a long time will cause malnutrition, anemia, decreased resistance, obesity and life expectancy.

so, if you want to lose weight, you must have breakfast to get up early.

in the morning, wake up your taste buds with a delicious breakfast to replenish the energy you need for the day.

charge yourself well, do things more efficiently, work more easily, and go smoothly.


straighten up the mood and embrace a new day

the debater Fu Seoul said:

the happy days are earned by themselves, and the good mood is also given by themselves.

researchers at Wharton Business School and Ohio State University in the United States have found that the mood in the morning represents almost the mood of the day (except for major accidents, of course).

so, no matter how busy you are in the morning, remember to take a few minutes to adjust your mood.

add fuel to yourself every morning, and positive mental cues can also bring you a lot of energy.

Hal, author of the Miracle of getting up early, had a car accident in which his brain was damaged and often couldn't remember things.

he was so upset that in order to change the bad state, he made a "self-affirmation" declaration for himself.

get up early every day and tell yourself:

"I can improve my memory, and it gets better every day."

two months later, he was surprised to find that what others told him had changed from "no, I can't remember" to "OK, no problem."

from this, affirm yourself and constantly "brainwash" yourself, and the whole person's mental state will become positive.

get up early to tidy up your mood, get rid of yesterday's worries, look forward to the beauty of today, embrace life with a fiery heart, and life will give you a good return.


rationally allocate the time of the day, let life be in order

life trivialities are always confused, cut constantly, big and small things, piles and piles need us to deal with.

if you make good use of your early morning time, a simple plan is a good choice.

first of all, let's sort out what needs to be done yesterday and what needs to be dealt with today.

then rank things, put the unimportant things back, delete the unnecessary things, and deal with the urgent and necessary things first.

arrange your time reasonably, try to get things done today, and master the pace of life perfectly.

workIn his book "the Miracle of the Morning Diary", the family Sato recorded the detailed steps of how to make the "Morning Diary".

ask yourself the following questions every day:

1. What is my goal today?

2. What is my ultimate goal in life?

3. What's the most important thing today?

4. How do I get along with the people around me today?

5. What new knowledge am I going to learn today?

6. How am I going to feel today?

7. How can I do better today than I did yesterday?

as the saying goes, it only happens when you keep a record. When you insist on writing a "morning diary" and recording the events of the previous day, by the way, make a plan for today, and then implement it energetically.

after a period of time, you will find that life is becoming more and more rhythmic.

you are no longer driven away by life, but you can arrange your time reasonably and live calmly and freely.

of course, if you have limited time in the morning, you can selectively plan and record your day from the above questions.

keep your life in order, and your set goals will not be buried because of the trivialities of life.


simple morning exercise and physical activity  if you ask what are the benefits of morning exercise, it's too much.

Morning exercise can awaken your body, activate your brain, and help you stay energetic during the day.

the ancients have experienced the benefits of morning exercise for a long time.

when the great poet Su Dongpo talked about his exercise habits in a letter to his friend Cheng Zhengfu, he said:

Busy searching a piece of boho dresses for bridesmaids to show your femininity? Our magnificent garments will hugely boost your confidence.

when you get up every morning, you must run about ten li, and slow down when you can't stand wheezing.

after it has recovered, it will continue to accelerate, sweating on the head, fever in the soles of the feet, blood flow, and comfortable limbs.

if you persist for such a long time, you can realize the beauty of it.

of course, any exercise needs to be moderate.

before running in the morning, you can drink a glass of warm water without exercising on an empty stomach and warm up before running.

on a fresh and sunny morning, go out and run two laps and you will feel physically and mentally relaxed.

if you can't find time for exercise, you can get up early to do some light housework and do some physical exercise.

it's a good choice to water the flowers on the balcony, sweep the floor, wipe the table, and tidy up the house.

exercise is really magical. Even a dozen minutes of exercise in the morning can help you turn on the switch of your body.

relax your body and mind and start a vibrant day.


get up early to read for ten minutes, enrich the brain

readers often leave messages in the background saying that every morning, open the official account of a book, read a beautiful article, and listen to an article, there will be a full harvest.

over time, the knowledge you see is stored in your mind and used in your life, and it also solves the confusion in your heart.

in the morning, when the brain is awakened, it has the best memory and is most suitable for reading and learning.

Mr. Liang Shiqiu, a contemporary writer, insists on getting up early for reading and writing all the year round.

when life is noisy and the sun is half over the yard, the book ends.

he translated many excellent works when he got up early.

it is the persistence of this habit that makes Liang Shiqiu an excellent translator.

Morning is the most sober time of the day. Blocking the noise and reading in the morning will give you a sense of accomplishment throughout the day.

read the official account or your favorite books, or simply turn on the audio and listen to a few words.

according to some statistics, if you set aside 10 minutes of reading every morning and read 10 pages every day, it would be 3650 pages a year, equivalent to 18 books!

accumulating knowledge is like saving money in a bank and putting it there will always be used when you need it.

three shifts are on the lights and five shifts are on. It is when I get up in the morning to study.

time in the morning is a microcosm of the day. How you spend your morning, you will spend your day and your whole life.

Morning time contains a lot of energy. if you get up an hour early every day, you will have an extra month in a year.

if you can make good use of this extra month, you are bound to live the life you aspire to, and the more you live, the better.

what else can I do after getting up early?

Welcome to leave comments, share your good habits of getting up early, and benefit more people!