Four signs that a person is beginning to have a high degree of self-discipline

/June 2022


do things you don't like but should do

when there is no pressure, people will become very lazy, procrastinate, muddle along, and be completely mediocre.

so force yourself to do something useful that you don't want to do every day, so that your potential is stimulated and your mind is honed.

Xu Pu, a bachelor of the Ming Dynasty, once followed the example of the ancients by putting two bottles of black beans and soybeans on his desk.

whenever you have a kind thought in your heart, say a kind word, or do a good deed, throw a soybean into the bottle.

on the contrary, if you have any bad thoughts and mistakes in your words and deeds, vote for a black bean.

at the beginning, there were more black beans and less soybeans, so he kept reflecting and motivating himself.

gradually the number of soybeans is equal to that of black beans, and he is more strict with himself.

over time, the soybeans in the bottle accumulate more and more, and the black beans become more and more insignificant.

with this lasting restraint and encouragement, he constantly cultivated himself and perfected himself, and finally became a generation of famous officials with high morality and prestige.

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how can there be so many things in the world that are willing and happy?

the more useful something is, the more uncomfortable it is to do. This is the weakness of human nature.

both Wang Yangming and Zeng Guofan advocate: grit your teeth and do it!

many things in the world are forced out. If you do more things you don't like but should do, you can achieve unexpected practice and success.


refuse to do what you like but shouldn't do

Why does everyone know the importance of self-discipline, but in reality, few people can do it?

because self-discipline means that you have to give up something, give up your preferences, give up your inertia.

if you want to be in perfect shape and healthy, you must say goodbye to junk food;

if you want to have your own career, you must study your areas of interest in your spare time and refuse unhelpful social gatherings.

people need to have a heart to review themselves in order to restrain their desires; to be able to restrain their desires in order to achieve their own achievements.

being able to put aside those dazzling temptations without hesitation and do it strictly in accordance with the high requirements of yourself is the second sign that a person is beginning to have a high degree of self-discipline.


have a strong sense of purpose

many people's initial self-discipline is to ignite ambition by passion and self-management by suppressing desire.

however, passion is not controllable, and forced self-suppression often consumes our willpower and will be beaten back in a few days.

the more you want to quit junk food, the more you will have an aftertaste on the tip of your tongue; the more you remind yourself not to browse on moments and Weibo before going to bed, the more you will never stop browsing it.

A strong sense of purpose is more reliable than passion.

turn ambiguous love into a decisive goal:

start from the simplest, most basic, most tedious and boring starting point.

even if you need to rest for a while when you are tired, you can still be invincible after you have enough energy.

as long as you don't lose your way in the face of the conflict between behavior and will, you achieve self-discipline.


Don't waste time on boring people and things

Zhuangzi said in Qiushui: summer worms can't talk about ice.

Confucius also advised his disciples not to talk about the four seasons with the grasshopper who was born and died in the spring and autumn.

Don't waste time arguing with senseless people.

different experiences lead to different values, and it is impossible to quarrel with each other, so the more you entangle, the more likely you are to get caught up in those trivial things and accomplish nothing, and your goal must be higher, isn't it?

people's time and energy are limited. If you waste all your time wrestling with boredom, you naturally have no time to make yourself better.

people who are really self-disciplined tend to be mature and rational.

they know very well that they don't have to waste time on these things, and that focusing on self-improvement is the most powerful response.

someone once said:

"I never believe in lazy freedom. The freedom I yearn for is a broader life achieved through hard work and hard work. That kind of freedom is precious and valuable."

self-disciplined people seem to live as hard as ascetic monks, but because of this "hard work", they gain more freedom of choice and the courage to say "no".

you are as free as you are.