Found that the child has these five performances, congratulations on having a child with high EQ!

/July 2022

because of the epidemic this year, several relatives who are closer to each other simply got together for a meal.

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after dinner, the old lady made a video call with her 7-year-old niece far away. The old lady complained, "if you don't come back, it won't be lively this year."

unexpectedly, my cousin's son, Hao Hao, was a little unhappy and asked the old lady, "what about me?"

the old lady and her cousin looked at each other, and the little niece shouted

"isn't it vast?" You were there, too. Grandma asked me to bring you Transformers during the winter vacation, but I can't go back this year. I'll bring it to you next time. "

I have to sigh that the little niece, who has a high EQ, actually saved the extremely embarrassing situation with one sentence, and at the same time comforted two people, no one offended, so that I, as an adult, was willing to be outdone.

No wonder a Harvard University study showed that "20% of a person's success depends on IQ, and the remaining 80% on EQ."

now it seems that this is true. Even if a child has a high IQ, he or she lacks emotional intelligence, lacks social skills, and his words are boring. He is afraid that he will not be able to cope with unexpected situations.

on the contrary, if a child has a high EQ and strong expressive and thinking skills, he will be able to easily resolve the immediate difficulties and be more likely to win the favor of others.

therefore, if parents want to cultivate excellent and high EQ children, they must pay attention to these five aspects.

Children know how to talk well and make people comfortable

Cai Kangyong wrote in the way of speaking:

"the more you can talk, the happier others will be, and the happier they will be; the more others like you, the more help you will get, and the happier you will be."

I think so.

the so-called high EQ means knowing how to speak well.

some time ago, when Yang Zishan was participating in the program, she brought her dry daughter to home to make dumplings.

when eating French fries, dumplings praise "I think you are so beautiful" to their godmother;

at the same time, they will also praise their father Wu Zhongtian for his proficiency in cooking and delicious cooking.

even when her godfather deliberately "grabs" her snacks, she can generously say, "it doesn't matter!"

and although he is young in making dumplings, he knows how to take care of his younger brother. Even the observers in front of the screen can't help praising the EQ of making dumplings is too high.

everyone can speak, but it is a great knowledge to speak.

the child who knows how to speak well makes people feel the gentle and inspiring power of gentle breeze and drizzle.

A child who does not know how to speak well is open-mouthed and pokes a painful place, which makes people want to avoid.

every parent should let his child learn to speak well and learn to praise and praise others. Only such people can make people feel happy for a long time.