For the rest of my life, to myself

/July 2022

Linjiang Xian wrote: "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian."

A person has lived a lifetime and met a lot of people. He has gone through a lot of things, and it is only after looking back that he understands the taste.

in the first half of your life, you may have been heartbroken, stupid, fell, bittersweet, but it's all over.

for the rest of your life, may you worry less, don't worry, relax, seize the moment, and please start all over again.

Life can't start all over again. Don't just add regrets for the rest of your life. Remember to say these words to yourself from time to time.

fate, thank you for meeting and be kind to you. When fate goes, there is cause and effect, and it is useless to insist on it.

attending my cousin's wedding yesterday, she told me that if she hadn't turned around and put aside the failed relationship, she wouldn't have met her considerate husband.

looking back on that year, she and her ex were so sweet that they said everything, but over time, the other person changed their mind and had nothing to say.

she has cried, screamed, begged, but still can not recover the outcome of her ex going to another woman.

at that time, my cousin realized: "those who want to leave can't stay, so it's better to let go than force them."

it was this time that she let go, so that she knew how to cherish the people in front of her, found that the other half was valuable, and knew and cherished each other.

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people come and go, there will be a break-up, some people are gone, there is no need to chase, some people are still there, live up to it.

Yan Shu once wrote: "it is better to take pity on the people in front of you than to have a vision full of mountains and rivers."

seek fate today, struggle tomorrow, and you won't be happy the day after tomorrow.

if you cherish the people in front of you and let go of the passers-by, you will not be happy if you are sad.

for the rest of my life, it is hard to avoid the coolness of tea, and don't force things to change.

in the past, we always believed that people had to live a shrewd life.

however, in fact, people are rarely confused. Only by letting go of the burden can the day be sweet.

as the ancients said, "worry has no root, if you don't pick it up, there will be no source of confusion, and it will be easy if you don't investigate."

I have read such a story.

the young monk spends a long time every day sweeping the fallen leaves in the courtyard. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became, so he began to shake the tree hard to shake off all the fallen leaves, so that he would not have to work hard tomorrow.

the next day, however, the yard was still covered with fallen leaves.

when the old monk saw it, he told him, "No matter how tangled you are today, you can't stop the falling leaves tomorrow." Why bother to put too much pressure on yourself and ask for trouble? "

you live hard because you can't let go of the boredom of today and the burden of tomorrow.

there are no unhappy people in the world, only hearts that refuse to let themselves be happy.

once saw such a topic, someone asked: "what is the root of pain?"

the most touching answer is: "most of the pain in life is not caused by others, but by yourself."

you will find that some people in life, not without troubles and pressure, are just open-minded, so they are more likely to be happy.

and some people, if they can't find it on their own, will only add to their confusion and sadness, and leave them with all kinds of regrets.

for the rest of my life, my heart is as wide as the sea and I want to open everything, but I am all bleak in the blink of an eye.

Love yourself and cherish your health

Schopenhauer once said: "the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade their health for other things."

there is a time in life, health is priceless, don't bet on your health, you can't afford to lose.

money can not be earned, life is over, don't drag your body down, it's not worth it.

A non-local girl lives downstairs. she works hard for a living and delivers goods part-time after work every day.

over time, the body can't bear it. The cost of the operation is 20,000 yuan, and she is usually reluctant to buy a dress of 200 yuan, but now she has to give all the money to the hospital.

after she was discharged from the hospital, she no longer took her life to make money. I can often see her exercising in the community.

in the past, she stayed up late and was dejected. Now, she is always smiling and full of spirit.

as the saying goes, "Man Han has a full table, you must have good teeth; if you have a lot of money, you must have the life to spend."

people are born with a small stick. After hard work, they add a lot of change from ten to a hundred yuan, but one day, the stick falls down, followed by more zero, it will be in vain.