For the rest of my life, be quiet without arguing.

/June 2022


there is only one thing in the world that can always withstand the impact of life's wind and rain: a quiet heart. To be a man, what you should strive to get is not the ability to call the wind and rain, but the mind of ignoring the wind and clouds. Leave an indifferent to yourself, life will naturally be high in the sky, light in clouds and light in the wind.

the pursuit of life is nothing more than material wealth and spiritual wealth. In fact, in our life, the consumption of material products is very limited, while the pursuit of spiritual wealth, there is no scarcity of resources.

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therefore, half of the things in the world are not worth arguing about, and half of them do not need to be disputed. What we really want to pursue is not to have more wealth than others or to be better than others, but to constantly surpass ourselves.

the beauty of life lies not in its brilliance, but in its peace; the beauty of life lies not in its passion, but in its serenity. Only peace can see the vastness of life; only peace can see the profoundness of life.


all happiness has a touch of sadness;

all the past has a kind of nostalgia;

all happiness has some loneliness;

all fulfillment has a defect.

to walk every day is to walk on the road and in the heart. Be a stubborn flower, bloom in the journey of life, body and mind, kiss the earth; soul, look up at the starry sky, regardless of wind and rain, contain the power in full bloom.

Life is wonderful because of persistence, and eternal because of no regrets. If it is sunny and sunny, enjoy the idle clouds. If the rain knocks on the window, listen to the wind. If there is love in fleeting years, the heart will bloom with the flowers. If time goes by, cherish the past.

No matter when, where, to maintain a quiet heart is a good state of life, stillness is a character, can precipitate impetuous.

static is a kind of wisdom, which can understand the great compassion of life.

have a clear peace of mind, can be open-minded to understand that life is not only to gain and have, sometimes give up and lose is also a kind of possession, calm heart, so that want to see and hear clearer, calm heart, everything is safe, no increase, no decrease, gently listen to the sound of flowers blooming and falling.

for the rest of my life, be quiet and live a good life!