Family way (this article is priceless, every sentence is classic)

/July 2022

there is a saying in Mencius: "those who gain the way have more support, but those who lose the way have little support."

youdao, which means moral and blessed.

Family is not only the starting point of one's life, but also the end of happiness.

husband and wife have peace, parents have children, and children have filial piety, which is the greatest blessing of a family.


husband and wife have and

some people say, "the best relationship between husband and wife is not to blame when something happens."

the marriage between husband and wife after thousands of years is too wasteful if it is used to vent negative emotions.

the so-called husband and wife should not be hostile relationships that take advantage of each other, let alone blur love with bargaining chips and measure feelings with material things.

there are always families around us: women dislike men for being incompetent, while men accuse women of being unvirtuous.

the wife blames her husband for not wanting to make progress, and the husband bothers his wife and does not know how to be content.

in fact, there is no conflict between the two. It is only when both sides look at the problem from their own point of view that there is opposition.

between husband and wife, if they can think from each other's point of view, most of the conflicts will be resolved automatically.

when the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is ossified, if the wife can understand her husband's helplessness sandwiched between two women and take the initiative to take a step back;

if the husband can say more good things about his wife in front of his mother and ease the relationship between the two women in various ways, everything will be happy at home.

instead of facing the problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the wife is aggressive, the husband gives up, or adds to it.

although "every family has its own difficulties", if husband and wife work together, many questions will be answered.

husband and wife are like bowls and chopsticks. Although they always bump against each other, they cooperate with each other to produce a delicious meal.

husband and wife are like chords, although they are independent of each other, they cooperate with each other to create a melody.

the ancients said: "the harmony of yin and yang and then the rain falls, the couple and then the family becomes."

husband and wife are in harmony, everything is discussed, and nothing is blamed, which is the best feng shui for a family.

as the "Don't worry about miscellaneous words" said: "those who live in harmony at home are prosperous; those who are in harmony with foreign countries are able to help the staff."


parents have children

"easy to gradually" there is a saying: "if a woman is pregnant and infertile, she will lose her way."

it is a sin to be a parent and not to raise or teach.

selfish parents always think that their children are their own, and how to discipline or even "handle" them is their own business, not others'.

No one knows that children belong not only to a family, but also to the society and the country.

A child with both moral and academic excellence is the pillar of a country, while a lawless child is a cancer of society.

parents are the first teachers of their children, and their own imperceptible influence on their children should not be ignored.

in life, some parents ask their children to read more books, but they pick up their mobile phones and play happily;

some parents teach their children to be civilized and polite, but they "swear" to others.

it is difficult for parents who are inconsistent in appearance to teach children who match their words with their deeds.

the best family education is the moral influence of parents.

when there is something wrong with the so-called way of education, the problem often lies not in the way itself, but in the parents.

there is a saying in the Book of the later Han Dynasty: "those who teach by example follow, and those who teach by example."

"teaching by example" is always more efficient than "verbal interpretation".


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Children have filial piety

Sima Qian said, "parents are the foundation of human beings."

being kind to the source of life and being filial to your parents is the foundation of being a man.

some people divide filial piety into three levels:

level 1: filial piety, providing parents with material needs;

level 2: filial piety, respecting and understanding parents, meeting parents' spiritual needs;

level 3: filial piety, which is the highest level of filial piety-forgiving parents for their mistakes.

there are always people wasting time, just waiting for their parents to say "I'm sorry", but finally waiting for regret.

there are always people who think that their unfilial piety is because their parents "deserve it" and disguise their white-eyed wolf's identity.

"when will vengeance be vengeful?" being a child and reconciling with your parents is a momentary decision and a lifetime of spiritual practice.

as the ancients said, "if a man is not a saint, there is no fault." If parents are not allowed, how can the world be tolerated?

returning good for evil is not only generous, but also far-sighted.

as a child, only by taking filial piety as the rudder can we have a smooth sailing on the waterway of life.


family maintains a person's happiness all his life.

the emergence of family rules and rules does not represent rules and constraints, but the foundation of the process of introspection and perfection.

the rest of life is not long, the time has passed, can never be, may you and I both be happy:

family happiness, life without regrets, peace and joy!