Eight habits of going uphill alone

/July 2022


first, find the reason from yourself.

there is a saying: "stupid people always find other people's fault, but wise people only find their own fault."

many times, when we encounter some troubles and difficulties, we always like to look for external reasons.

in fact, a person who cannot learn to reflect will never grow and progress.

because when he starts to complain about his bad luck and the bad luck of others, he loses the opportunity and possibility to correct and improve himself.

if you correct mistakes from others, you may be able to shirk some of the responsibility. But only by looking for reasons from ourselves can we constantly correct and improve our own shortcomings.

second, self-discipline can be achieved.

in life, many people always find seemingly high-sounding reasons and excuses for their laziness and lack of effort.

for example, no time to read, no energy to exercise, no time to study.

but those who are really good are willing to be hard on themselves.

the sweat of this flow is not lazy. Don't run away from what you should suffer. Don't flinch from the tiredness you deserve.

in fact, as long as you really want to be better, you will certainly be able to overcome many difficulties and troubles. The key lies in whether you are willing to be strict with yourself.

people are most likely to deceive themselves, but they often end up not acting with you.


third, not afraid to face failure.

everyone is eager to get things done and done well.

but many people give up the possibility of trying and trying because they are afraid of failure, and even lose confidence and courage completely in one or two setbacks.

if you can't speak English well, say it more than once. Don't be afraid of being laughed at.

if you can't write a good article, write it a few more times. Don't be afraid of being denied.

if you can't lose weight, lose it a few more times. Don't be afraid of being questioned.

maybe if you work hard, you won't succeed, but if you don't work hard, you won't succeed.

many times, people who are better than you may not be more successful than you, but suffer more failures and blows than you.

fourth, have a stable mood.

in life, we are always emotionally disturbed and influenced.

We feel angry and sad when we meet people who don't know you.

when we encounter something bad and bad, we will feel frustrated and unreconciled.

encounter some frustrations and setbacks, which will also make us fall into an emotional trough for a long time.

in fact, the more powerful people are, the less likely they are to compete with themselves.

if it's someone else's fault, you don't have to punish yourself.

if it's someone else's fault, you don't have to torture yourself.

if it is an unchangeable fact and foregone conclusion, there is no need to do unnecessary pulling and entanglement.


five is to have the habit of learning constantly.

there is a saying: "it is never too late to learn."

many people stop growing up in adulthood, they stop learning, they stop making progress, and they stop coming into contact with new fields and things.

in this way, their ideas will only become more and more rigid, their ideas will become more and more obsolete, and even be abandoned by the times.

but the better the person is, the more likely he is to keep his learning ability and curiosity.

they have always maintained the habit of reading, making progress, and even challenging themselves. In the diligence and persistence day after day, they will become more and more open and wise.

six is to appreciate people who are better than themselves.

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many times, it is always easy for us to envy people who are better than ourselves.

even deliberately speak ill of others behind their backs, stumbling, to attack and slander others.

there is a saying: "Wise men build bridges, fools build walls."

the more excellent people are, the more they know how to appreciate the good of others, and the more they can learn more advantages and strengths from others.

in addition to straining the relationship, jealousy will also narrow your future.

No one becomes better because of jealousy, but the better people are, the more they respect and appreciate others.


Seven yes, always be modest.

I wonder if you have found that the more ignorant people are, the more arrogant they tend to be.

they always think that they know everything, are right about everything, and always treat and evaluate others with their own prejudices.

in fact, the greatest ignorance in the world is not seeing your own ignorance.

the less a person knows and the more partial he knows, the more he thinks he is great.

but the better people are, they tend to see a larger world, and after seeing a wider world, they will see many shortcomings and limitations in themselves.

eight Yes, always be kind.

in this world, everyone has their own difficulties.

sometimes, giving others a sincere encouragement may increase the confidence of others.

sometimes, giving a little help to others may help them tide over the difficulties.

sometimes, giving others an understanding and understanding may make others feel warm.

there is a saying: "there is much support for justice, but little support for wrongdoing."

when a person is helping others, he is helping himself. When a man is kind to others, he is also kind to himself.

in life, those who really suffer big losses are often selfish and unkind-hearted people. The more kind-hearted people are, they will win the hearts of the people and attract good luck.