Congratulations to those who like to be alone.

/July 2022

in recent years, many friends who often go to parties and enjoy lively activities have begun to stay at home and stay with themselves.

far from having a bad life, they tend to keep their days in good order.

arrange the time for work and housework, plant flowers and grow grass in your spare time, read and write quietly, and leave room in the bedroom. Not to mention living at ease.

writer Jiang Xiaoying once said: if you are alone, you will lose a lot, but you will gain more.

people who can get used to being alone have these advantages.

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you don't have to rely on others

poet Sato wrote at the beginning of the Diary of living alone:

"I have been alone for the first time in weeks and picked up my real life again. Oddly enough, friends and passionate love are not my real life."

during the year when she tried to live alone, she began to pay attention to the roses in front of the table, leaves and raindrops outside the window;

wrote her own poems and diaries, cleaned and watered the parrots during the intervals;

she often recalled the past, and sometimes fell into contemplation while listening to the radio.

she only feels full and full in her heart, as if nothing has to be relied on by others. She can accomplish a lot of things by herself and gain enough happiness.

the world is scattered and changeable. At every stop of life, there are people who get off the bus, and you are the only one who can accompany you to the end.

people who like to be alone will minimize their dependence on others and will not be depressed by whom they leave, nor will they lose themselves because of whom they appear.

because of this, they have their own sense of boundary and respect the sense of boundary of others.

some netizens used to look through her husband's mobile phone and felt uneasy.

after leaving for a while, I tried to make a phone call, and they quarreled every day if they were unhappy.

until she was quarantined in Shenzhen for 14 days on a business trip, she began to find her own thing to do, watch some of her favorite movies, listen to music, and do yoga in the evening.

she also picked up her hobby account, marked her daily affairs on the book, and painted some illustrations on each page, which was very exquisite.

when she got home, she also got over it.

make time to write hand accounts, relax yourself, chat with your husband, your temper is much better, and the tense atmosphere at home is alleviated a lot.

everyone has their own sense of border. if you tie your partner to your side, stare at your children's every move, and complain about your friends as emotional trash cans, you are tired, they are also tired.

people who are alone are full of heart. They don't have to seek sense of security by controlling others. They can really love someone without being too satisfied, and they can always find their own fun.

get along with such people, no matter whether they are friends or not, they are very comfortable and not nervous.


those who move forward are more self-disciplined

those who are alone for a long time have long developed the ability to be calm and calm.

Yuan Quan said in an interview: "you can only follow your heart's desire and ignore the side branches."

enjoying her solitude, she has always been self-disciplined in important matters.

before each play goes on stage, she sets aside some time for herself to wash her hands, brush her teeth, spray perfume, and match different shows with different perfumes.

calm down, it's easier to get into the role, and every detail is in place.

in order to keep in good shape, she never got into the middle of the crowd and refused a large number of variety invitations and reporters.

every day, I insist on getting up at 7 o'clock, sending my daughter to school and going to the gym to exercise;

go home to read books until I go to the theatre to put on makeup;

honing my acting skills carefully, running and skiing in my spare time, keep in good shape, and go to bed on time at 11:00 in the evening.

decades of regular life has achieved her unique advanced sense.

being alone does not guarantee that you will be carefree all the time, but it will allow you to quickly calm down and move on, even if you encounter troughs.

settling down in the face of wishes, undisturbed by anything, will one day become stronger.