Circle decides life! (I have to believe)

/August 2022


the circle of life determines your fate

the path that people follow.

poker friends will only urge you to play cards, drinking friends will only urge you to drink a toast, but reliable people will infect you how to make progress. The luckiest thing for a person is not to pick up money or win the lottery. It's someone who can encourage you, guide you, and help you. The so-called dignitaries are not people who directly bring benefits to you. But someone who broadens your horizons and gives you positive energy.

in real life, who you are with is really important, and it can even change the course of your life and determine the success or failure of your life.

what kind of life you will have with the kind of person you are with.

when you are with hard-working people, you will not be lazy; with positive people, you will not be depressed; with wise people, you will be extraordinary; with high people, you can reach the top.

scientists think: "Man is the only animal that can accept cues."

positive hints will have a good impact on people's emotional and physiological state, stimulate people's inner potential, give full play to people's extraordinary level, make people enterprising and urge people to forge ahead. Stay away from negative people! Otherwise, they will unwittingly steal your dreams, making you gradually decadent and mediocre.

A positive person is like the sun, where it shines; a negative person is like the moon, but the first 15 is different.

attitude is everything. If you have an attitude, you will have a future; character determines your destiny. What kind of character you have, what kind of life you have.

some people say that there are three great fortunes in life:

meet a good teacher at school, meet a good teacher at work, and meet a good partner when you start a family.

sometimes a sweet smile and a warm greeting can make your life different and brilliant.

the most unfortunate thing in life is

because of the lack of enterprising people and visionary people around you, your life becomes mediocre and eclipsed.

as the saying goes, it doesn't matter who you are, it's who you are with.

in ancient times, the "three evictions of Meng's mother" is enough to show that who you are with is really important.

when an eagle grows up in a chicken nest, it will lose its ability to fly. How can it fight against the sky and soar into the blue sky?

when wolves grow up in sheep, they will also "fall in love with sheep" and lose wolf nature. How can you be all-powerful and gallop on the earth?

originally you were very good, but because those negative people around you influenced you, you lacked upward pressure, lost motivation and became vulgar, so mediocre.

don't you have such an idea? "most people went to the grave with unplayed music."

if you want to soar in the sky like an eagle, you must fly with the eagle, not with the sparrow; if you want to gallop the earth like a wolf, you must run with the wolves, not with the deer and sheep.

as the saying goes, thrush sparrows have different voices and golden rooster crows have different nests. " This may be the effect of imperceptible power and osmosis.

if you want to be smart, you have to be with smart people, and you will be wiser; if you want to be good, you have to be with good people, and you will stand out.

reading good books and making good friends are the two great blessings in life.

the identity of a person is determined by the friends around him.

the more friends you have, the more valuable you are and the more helpful you are to your career. Friends are an indispensable treasure in your life. Because of the help and encouragement of your friends, you will be invincible and forge ahead.

the secret of life is to get along with others and walk hand in hand.

the beauty of life is to give roses and leave a fragrance in your hands.

that's the way life is. If you want to be with smart people, you have to be smart; if you want to be with good people, you have to be good.

if you are good at discovering the strengths of others and turning them into your own strengths, you will become smart; if you are good at seizing the opportunities in life and turning them into your own opportunities, you will become excellent.

be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. Learn from the best of others and be the best of yourself.

borrow the wisdom of others to become yourself, which is the way to success.

if you are with different people, you will have a different life.

if you are with a wolf, you will eventually become a wolf, with a pig, and eventually become a pig!

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only when the eyes are pure, can we see the beautiful scenery; only when the mind is clean, can we have pure feelings.

there is a law called "circle law", which comes from the famous "Dunbar number" theory in sociology, also known as 150 law-the number of people whose human intelligence will allow human beings to have a stable social circle is 148, rounded up to about 150.

the range of activities in a person's life is very small, maybe there is only one place that is the most comfortable, and only one person knows you best.

have their own "clean" circle, and be comfortable in it.

Mr. Zhou Youguang, known as "the Father of Hanyu Pinyin", is a world-famous linguist, but he lives in a small disrepair building built at the beginning of the Republic of China. Five people live in two and a half houses.

but Mr. Zhou wrote the "New Burrow inscription" to laugh at himself:

"the room is dark and the windows are even brighter; my desk is uneven, and I am to blame for my frequent desk. The threshold is broken, there are too many uninvited guests; dance on the floor, welcome old friends to come. "

the bedroom is the kitchen, and the food is convenient; the bookcase doubles as a cupboard, and the food smells like books. I like to listen to music from my neighbor's radio, and I like to read articles from strangers.

eat as much as possibleMilk strength, squeeze into the streetcar, in order to exercise muscles and bones; in order to make a public phone, go out for half a mile, and take a walk and sightseeing. "

although the house is small, Mr. Zhou and his family are having a good time. It was not until after the reform and opening up that Mr. Zhou moved into the allocated new simple house, which is not large in area.

but he said, "A wide-hearted room is arrogant, but a careful room is wide."

although the circle is small, it does not affect my husband's career at all. From the study of Chinese Pinyin in 1952 to the General Theory of Chinese in 2010, he has published 36 works on language and philology at all times and at home and abroad.

the name Zhou Youguang has been cast in the history of the development of Chinese spoken and written languages.

there are not many circles, it would be nice to have a few friends who can chat with each other.

Zhou Guoping once said: the friend in my mind is not a casual acquaintance, nor does he have to be a lover who knows each other, and the degree should be in between.

sincerely silent, loud voice, even if we do not meet each other, even if we do not often contact, those years, those things, those people, have never forgotten, are deeply remembered.

friends for many years will not be really estranged because they are not in touch, and the happy times they have gone through together will be kept in mind.

Friends do not meet sooner or later, with the same heart, warm words and beautiful words, and they are the companions of the soul. Friends if tea, seems to be light, the aroma is worth a long aftertaste, lasting fragrance.

you don't have to meet every day, let alone get along with each other in the same circle every day. Just think of it with a faint smile on the corners of your mouth.

is not your own circle, so you don't have to force yourself into it.

only people who have nothing to do will feel lonely. Circles are casual encounters in like-minded fields, not random acquaintances in order to highlight their popularity.

you are your own sun, so why do you need others to illuminate you?

in fact, everyone is not easy, tired, but there is a lot of pressure, a belly of hardship, and sometimes they can't talk about it.

in the wind and rain, you have to move forward with an umbrella; after failure, you have to run a business with tears. There is no place to be tired, because this is life; no one complains, because this is choice.

the real circle will accept you because of your beauty, not because you are deliberately included.

there is no need to please the world, just wait for the people who are attracted by your quality to take the initiative and be willing to come with you.

We live in this precious world, the sun is strong, the waves are gentle, and everything is beautiful.

although the circle is small, it is good to be clean.

keep a clean heart. Only if the mind is not burdened, the body will not feel burdened.

"Don't be predestined, don't bear it in vain. A kind of peace of mind, devoid of suicide. "

May you have a clean circle, a regular life, and the person you like. This is the ideal life.


appreciate your friends and comfort you and help you when you are poor.

friends with positive energy will accompany you and encourage you when you are depressed.

the friend who leads the way for you will volunteer to be your stepping stone and take you through the mud and fog.

be willing to criticize your friends, remind you and supervise you all the time, so that you can find your shortcomings all the time.