Character is written in the face, but character is engraved in the eyes.

/July 2022

it is not entirely unreasonable to judge people by their appearance.

Russell said: "A person's face is the appearance of a person's value."

it hides not only your life, but also the life you are pursuing. "

Life is made by oneself, phase is born by the heart.

your character is hidden in your appearance, and your character is revealed in your eyes.



character is written on the face.

Zeng Guofan said: "people have weak state, crazy state, lazy state and revolving state."

cowardly people droop their faces and look shrinking;

arrogant people hold their heads high and look at people through their nostrils;

lazy people are listless all day and their eyes seem to be too sleepy to open;

people who are good at drilling are always frivolous and show shrewd calculation.

We often say, "this man has a good face."

means that mild-tempered people just look at their faces and give people a feeling of spring breeze.

your personality can be seen on your face.

before the age of 30, the appearance is given by the parents;

after the age of 30, the appearance is repaired by oneself.

each of us should be responsible for our appearance.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "those who love deeply must have kindness, those who have harmony must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

to repair a good appearance, you must first repair a good character.

the personality is good, the mood is right, and the appearance is naturally upright and generous.

Audrey Hepburn said, "if you want beautiful lips, say something nice;

if you want to have attractive eyes, learn to see the strengths of others;

if you want to have a slim figure, give food to the hungry;

if you want to have supple hair, let your child stroke it every day;

for graceful posture, remember that you are not the only pedestrian on the road."

when the Song sisters were young, they were all outstanding beauties.

but with the passage of time, Soong Ching-ling is far better than the other sisters.

that's because she always works for the welfare of women and children and for the well-being of the poor.

although the facial features are not perfect, they show their inner brilliance through the face.

the true beauty is the goodness rooted in the heart.

the skin will dry up and the face will fade.

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only character can be integrated into temperament and become a care product that will never deteriorate.


character is engraved in the eyes

Mencius said: "he who exists in man is not good in his eyes."

there is a regular gap in the eyes in the chest, and if the eyes are not regular in the chest, the eyes are flourishing. "

A person's character can be seen from his eyes alone.

the eyes are the windows of the soul, revealing the secrets of the human heart.

through the eyes, you can see a person's character, wisdom, wealth and poverty.

Li Hongzhang took three people to see Zeng Guofan and asked him for promotion.

Zeng Guofan only looked at it and made a judgment.

he said, "the one on the left is honest and reliable and can be sent to supply food and fodder in the army.

the man in the middle can barely do some insignificant work.

the one on the right is a general who is worthy of a great task."

Li Hongzhang was surprised and asked, "how do you know that?"

Zeng Guofan said: "when the three people saw me passing by the door, the one on the left was always drooping and submissive, which showed that he was an honest man;

the middle man appeared respectful, but as soon as I left, he looked left and right. It can be seen that he is a disobedient person.

the one on the right is upright, and it can be seen that his future achievements are not below you and me."

the general who won by virtue of one look is the future governor of Taiwan, Liu Mingchuan.

the ancients said: "the eyes are upright, the eyes are good, the eyes are good, the eyes are disgusting, the eyes are squint and the heart is squint."

people with decent behavior are mostly clear-eyed and straight-eyed, while

narrow-minded and jealous people are mostly hesitant and erratic.

if you want to know someone, just look at his eyes.

this person is beautiful or ugly at heart, so there is no place to hide.