Change yourself (this article is priceless)

/July 2022

Life is really hard, and you have no choice but to cross it by yourself.

in this world, no one can change you unless that person is you.

Confucius once said: the superior man asks for himself, and the villain asks for others.

learn to find reasons from yourself. Since you can't change others, change yourself.


change position

all my life, the most important thing is to be happy.

in the long river of life, some people stop on the bank, some people swim in the river.

the people on the bank don't understand the people in the river, and the people in the river don't understand the people on the bank.

is in a different position, thinking about the problems and seeing the scenery are also diametrically opposite.

Let's take a look at this picture:

what is the correct answer?

the one standing on the left says 4, and the one standing on the right says 3.

is anyone wrong? No one is wrong, but if we have different positions and angles, we have different views on things.

in life, such situations can be seen as follows:

as a parent, you want your children to stay in their hometown for development; as a child, you want their parents not to interfere;

when you work, you feel that your superiors are acting in too haste; when you are a leader, you think your subordinates are too inefficient;

when you shop, you think that businesses are too profitable; you are businessmen, and you think customers are too picky.

you can't feel any kindness when you look at others from your own point of view.

be a kind person, look at the world from a different perspective and look at things in a different state of mind, life will be simple and happiness can come uninvited.

Zengguang Xian Wen says: "blame yourself with the heart of blaming others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself."

is intended to tell us to reflect on ourselves with the heart of blaming others and forgive others with the heart of forgiving ourselves.

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Life is not a single multiple choice question, there is no non-An or B, the so-called optimal solution must be the result of heart-to-heart comparison.

when you encounter problems, change the inertia of demanding others and reshape the way you think about problems.

can we make the life full of thorns and the fragrance of flowers on the ground, and make life all dark and bright at the next stop.

change the circle

a person's circle, affect a person's pattern and vision.

it's interesting to read a conversation:

someone asked, "how important is a person's circle?"

someone replied: "to put it simply, if you fly with geese, all you can see is a vast sky; when you sit with a pig, all you can see is gluttony and drowsiness."

A person tends to become what he or she is in any circle.

as the old saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black, they are good neighbors, and they want good companions."

the power of the circle, to some extent, changes your values and your attitude towards life.

when you are with people with lofty patterns, your eyes are not just trivial;

with optimistic and open-minded people, ordinary life can also be interesting;

with self-disciplined people, they will not be willing to fall and be willing to fail.

as the saying goes: follow the fly can only see the stinky gutter, follow the bee will find the flowers.

not everyone is worthy of your deep acquaintance, and not everyone is worthy of your heart.

study with good people, and you will meet a better self.

calm down, make some changes, get close to those who really love life, and meet the next better self.

perhaps the most important person in life will appear in your next new circle.

change your mind