Bottom line! (good text in depth)

/August 2022

people live all their lives.

at all times, we must keep to the bottom line.

bottom line is the foundation of life,

bottom line is the core of life,

has a bottom line, acts magnanimously, is respected by people,

has no bottom line, behaves improperly, and is looked down upon by others.

only by keeping the bottom line can one keep a correct character, and

can one be a good person.

only by keeping the bottom line, can we have a clear conscience and peace of mind.

stand in the world for a long time without defeat, and

hold your head high in front of others.


No matter how poor you are, you can't cheat your friends

in life, and you can't lack honesty if you want anything.

honesty is the foundation of being a man.

only by keeping the bottom line of honesty,

will not destroy character.

while those who have no bottom line,

will betray others for money,

will calculate their friends for profit.

as long as it is good for them,

they can do whatever it takes to hurt others.

they are unkind and ignore their character.

so don't be such a person at any time.

No matter how poor you are, you can't fool your friends.

be kind to others, do your job, leave a good name for yourself and win praise.


No matter how long it takes, don't forget the kindness

be a man, be grateful. When

is in distress, don't forget to accompany you in adversity.

when you are frustrated, don't forget the person who helped you.

when you succeed, don't forget those who helped you.

only when you know how to repay your gratitude can you get more help.

in this lifetime,

everyone has difficulties.

it is your blessing to have someone to help you.

No matter how splendid it is now,

don't forget the kindness you once had.

if you receive the favor of others, you will surely return the favor of Yongquan, and

the kindness of dripping water will be rewarded in time.

No matter how long it takes, you can't forget your kindness.

you can only reap blessings if you know how to repay you.


No matter how bitter it is, you can't lose your backbone


you can't lose your backbone.

if you have backbone, you won't be looked down upon by others.

backbone is the capital to hold your head high, and

is the key to maintaining dignity.

people with no backbone,

do things submissively, people bow their heads humbly,

No one will respect, and everyone will bully.

people are alive,

no matter how hard and tired they are,

can't lose their ambition and integrity.

with a backbone,

is neither humble nor arrogant, and no one takes it lightly.

with backbone and confidence,

people can raise their heads and succeed in anything!


No matter how difficult it is, you can't play tricks

in real life,

there are always some people who like to play tricks, and

want to take shortcuts and succeed.

to be a man, you can't play tricks.

small victories depend on wisdom, while big victories depend on virtue.

you may not be able to win.

the so-called wisdom is mistaken by wisdom.

to be a man,

only by keeping the basic bottom line,

can we win long-term victories by being a down-to-earth person and working diligently.


don't play tricks, don't calculate,

less speculation, more effort,

can you keep what you have and get what you want.

in this lifetime,

the most important thing is never money, status, but character and bottom line.

what you can do, you have a scale in your heart.

Don't do anything, but know what you can do.

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remember at all times: no matter how poor you are, you can't cheat your friends;

no matter how long you are, you can't forget your kindness;

no matter how bitter you are, you can't lose your integrity;

no matter how difficult it is, you can't play tricks.

keep the original mind and not lose the bottom line,

can you stand in front of people with your head held high, and

can you live in the world with a clear conscience!