Being with people who are comfortable with each other is the best way to maintain good health.

/August 2022

writer Su Ling once said:

the rest of my life is not long, so we don't have to invite everyone into our lives. Getting along comfortably is enough.

some people, get along with him, chat, there is no topic, the heart is tired.

some people are inseparable when they get along with him and warm their hearts.

getting along comfortably is not only a blessing for friends, but also a blessing for themselves.

Uncle Fan feels that people who have these three characteristics in their relationship will be on their way in the second half of their lives.


get along well with each other

my cousin has a close friend. They are usually busy at work, take care of their children, and have little time for parties.

and the few meetings are all at important moments in each other's life.

my cousin's child is born, and my friends will come to congratulate me even if I buy a standing ticket. My cousin also asked for a week off to help her friend take care of her critically ill father.

the friendship between the two people has been maintained for nine years now.

cousin said, "We never complain about each other's good things and why we don't think about ourselves. On the contrary, if there is anything useful to me, we must say so."

when you are with people of the same frequency, you can know that you are sad without too many words, and you can gain all kinds of freedom without giving in.

people who don't understand you, the longer they communicate, the more tired they feel; for those who know you, the deeper the relationship is, the warmer they are.

writer Sanmao once said: "the most beautiful relationship between friends is the icing on the cake, the most valuable, and the most valuable in the snow."

for the rest of my life, those who walk hand in hand are predestined, and those who know and cherish each other are blessed.


get along well with each other.

there was a question on the Internet: "what is the fastest way to improve happiness?"

the highest answer to like is: "lower your expectations of others."

there is no perfect others, only open oneself, the heart is simple, people will not be tired.

I know a couple who have been married for many years, but still don't see enough of me all day long.

the wife said that at first she would have problems with her husband, but later they both learned to take a step back.

I remember that for a while, she was particularly willing to eat the burrito downstairs from her husband's company, and her husband would buy one back after work for several days in a row.

once, when the husband forgot to buy because of overtime, the wife lost her temper and felt that the husband could not even do a good job of his own small request, and the two looked at each other speechlessly all night.

the next day, the wife calmed down and thought that she was really asking too much.

even couples can't force their partner to meet their expectations. What's more, imperfection is the norm in life, and only by lowering expectations can we accumulate happiness.

that night, the husband still worked overtime, but the wife didn't ask him to buy a burrito this time.

after work, the husband found that the burrito stand was closed, so he turned and went to a flower shop and picked out a bouquet of roses for his wife.

there is a saying: "when you learn to lower your expectations, life is full of surprises."

give up the high requirements of others, others are relaxed, they are also comfortable.

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and all we want to meet all our lives is a person who knows his imperfections but is still willing to tolerate.

Life is full of flavors. If you want everything to be perfect and everything goes well, it will only be boring.

Life is full of flavors. If you are considerate of people's flaws and priorities, they will have endless memories.

for the rest of his life, he pursues perfection, wears himself out, seeks everything and shows greater wisdom.


as the saying goes, those who are kind will be blessed later.

they have not only kept their own conscience, but also warmed the hearts of others. In the long run, they will be blessed.

on the contrary, those who envy others' good and ridicule others' bad end up throwing a stone at their own feet.

lose your conscience and hurt the sincerity of others. In the long run, you will only regret it.

my neighbor Zhang GE once told me his story. At that time, his company hired a new intern who was very capable of work, but was always willing to gossip behind his back.

when he saw that people in the same group were praised by the leader, he was out of balance and complained to Brother Zhang, saying that that person did not have his own strength, but would only please his superiors.

if someone is criticized for his work mistake, he will even go to others and say that he has already guessed that the other person will make a mistake.

for a long time, his colleagues do not want to get along with him, his mood is getting lower and lower, and his work performance is plummeting.

Brother Zhang said that the intern, who had been working for only two months, submitted his resignation.

as the old saying goes, "three percent shrewd in doing things, seven percent kind to others."

to get along with others, is to exchange your heart for your heart, with good thoughts, others will be grateful, you will feel at ease.

all people have cause and effect in their life, and the kindness released to others will benefit themselves one day.

in fact, those who are free and easy, comfortable and comfortable, but because of life to keep their conscience, work to keep the original heart.

get along with such a kind, free and easy person, the person is not tired, the mood is also happy.


after decades of life, it is not easy to find someone who understands your mind and supports each other.

only when you are with such a comfortable person, you don't have to disguise yourself, don't worry about gains and losses, and feel at ease.

May someone around you know you are warm and cold and understand your joys and sorrows for the rest of your life.

May you be calm and at ease with the ups and downs in front of your eyes.

May you always have goodwill in your heart, conscience-based and character-oriented.