Being kind to his wife is a man's best skill.

/August 2022

someone on Weibo asked: "Why should you be nice to your wife?"

I remember that Lao she once wrote this sentence in his novel Camel Xiangzi: "to take a wife, you have to be like a thing; if you are kind to your wife, you are like a thing."

whether a family is good or not depends on a man's attitude towards his wife.

being kind to his wife is a man's greatest skill.


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spoil her wife,

is to give her love and sense of security

the emotional scandal of Zhang Xinyu was widely spread, but later, she met someone who really loved her and was a completely different person.

in the last program, he Jie was a responsible and brave soldier, and he was very considerate to Zhang Xinyu at that time.

they fell in love with each other because of the program, and then they got married.

at the wedding scene, he Jie loudly announced to the world:

"in my life, I have made the right decision to marry you. The greatest favor I have received is to be with you. At this moment, I would like to tell the world loudly that you are the one I want. Regardless of the storm, I will take care of you for the rest of my life and never deviate."

after marriage, sugar is sprinkled frequently.

on the day when International Children's Day went home from a rest on June 1, he accompanied Zhang Xinyu to make a small video of the couple, in which the two were walking very closely outside and doing the same movements.

it's not hard to see that they love each other as sweet as a little couple. I know how strange you are, but I can be lovely to accompany you. "

he Jie also secretly changed his Weibo signature to "make a strong umbrella to protect the world you love".

is full of his doting and love for Zhang Xinyu.

and Zhang Xinyu, who got married, has become more quiet and happy.

she often shares her quiet life of painting, cooking food and managing a small garden on Weibo, as well as the joy of harvesting fruits and vegetables with her fans.

if a person can become beautiful and lovely, it must be because of the person she marries that makes her feel secure and stable.

Zhihu has a question: "how much does a man earn to support a family?"

there is a high praise answer:

"I earn 20,000 yuan a month, but I think the wife who supports this family is the wife who never takes credit."

in his reply, he said, "I think it's too easy for a man to think that he loses ten thousand yuan a month to his family, even if he supports a family and becomes the master of the family."

because his wife gave wholeheartedly, he came home: "the food is always delicious, the quilt is always fluffy and fragrant, the ground is always neat, and the tea is always hot."

what he did was just give his wife 20,000 yuan to take care of.

his love and understanding of his wife are hidden in the details, understand her hard work and give her a warm harbor.

on many hot news, you can always see a man complaining about his wife and how difficult it is to have a child. To stay at home is to take the children to do the housework.

but they don't understand that their wife has to bear a lot of pressure, because she washes and hangs the clothes at home, she sweeps the floor and cooks the food.

in this world, nothing can make a woman feel warm than her husband's understanding and thoughtfulness.

whether you are working outside or being a full-time wife, it is not easy. If a man can understand you, he will certainly cherish you and give you love and warmth.

to spoil your wife is to give her love and sense of security.


while the husband replied brazenly on the stage:

"that's because all your friends think you're ugly, and I don't think you're as good-looking as someone else's wife, so I don't want to take you."

what is even more exasperating is that the wife said that the husband would be inexplicably grumpy with himself, sometimes punching and kicking.

Tu Lei, the emotional mentor next to him, was very angry and said to the husband:

"isn't it because of this family that she is old?

if you do all this work, you cook at home, you take care of the children, and you wake up in the middle of the night to put them to bed and make milk powder.

at that time, she was young and you were old.

it was she who did all this, and you made her old.

when people say your wife is old and ugly, you have nothing but anger and guilt.

I caused her old age. I was incompetent. I didn't do my duty as a husband and father, which made my woman older and older. "

the husband is not only inconsiderate of his wife, but also dislikes her ugliness.

is it possible that your wife married into your house to be a free babysitter for you?

I have a friend Xiao Lin. He and his wife have been in love for 20 years and have been married for 11 years.

when he is in love at school, he always tries to take care of her. Make dessert for her, take her to Disneyland to fulfill her girl dream, and take every time