Be kind, virtuous, and then have a good fortune!

/July 2022

the Book of morality says: "the supreme goodness is like water, and all things in water conservancy do not dispute."

the highest state of being a man is like water, nourishing all things in the world without fighting for fame and wealth.

the same is true of kindness, which has a broad mind, clumsy wisdom, and hidden foresight.

in this lifetime, people should practice kindness, accumulate virtue, and nourish happiness.


be a man of kindness.

Laozi said: "A man is not as thick as he is, but not as Chinese as he is."

A true gentleman is kind-hearted and kind-hearted. He is neither harsh to others, nor will he rise and fall in vanity.

honesty, which adheres to the simple and honest way, is the highest wisdom in dealing with the world.

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in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a famous minister named Han Qi. When he was studying in the middle of the night, the soldier with the lamp accidentally burned his temples.

Han Qi didn't take it to heart, but just turned off the light and had a rest. After a while, he found that the soldier had been replaced.

after understanding the reason, Han Qi immediately sent someone to call him back, because he knew that if the soldier was punished for this, it would affect his official career.

so he recalled him in front of a large number of soldiers and forgave him in public.

when other soldiers saw what the general did, they were all moved, admired the general's measure and mind, and greatly increased the morale of the whole army.

as the saying goes, "the width of the sea is not as wide as the heart, and the thickness of the ground is not as thick as virtue."

A truly kind person knows how not to criticize others face to face, save other people's face, and give others opportunities with a generous heart.

kindness is not only a kind of magnanimity, but also a kind of bearing, being a kind of man, doing things kindly, so that the road of life can be more broad and secure.


only by being virtuous can we carry things, and only by giving can we get a return.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A gentleman carries things with virtue."

only those who are virtuous can carry things, but those who are not virtuous can't move an inch. In history, Liu, the queen of Tang Zhuangzong, was very greedy and snobbish.

he not only amassed money crazily among the people by virtue of his own power, but also colluded with officials and accepted bribes, regardless of the disaster situation among the people, and refused to borrow money from the prime minister to pay wages.

later, there was a mutiny and the families of Tangzhuang were killed. Queen Liu took all her possessions to the temple to become a nun, but she could not escape her death.

says: "A hundred gold wealth must be a golden figure, must be a golden figure."

how big is a man's blessing and how much he can bear? if a man is not virtuous, there will be disaster; if a man is virtuous, he will be blessed!

Today, Fan Li, the well-known god of wealth, has given away all his wealth to the poor three times, but each time he has been able to get rich again.

as the old saying goes, "small victories depend on wisdom, and great victories depend on virtue." Virtue is the foundation of being a human being. Only by planting the cause of virtue can we enjoy what it brings.


if you are kind, you must be blessed

A Dream of Red Mansions says: "most people should be kind."

honesty seems sincere, but it is the top intelligence and a person's deepest blessing.

Wang Xifeng in A Dream of Red Mansions is said to be shrewd and smooth, but a bit of kindness can be seen from her.

for Grandma Liu, a poor relative from the countryside, everyone laughed at her. Only she was kind to her. She not only gave her food and clothing, but also showed some respect for the old man.

even later, when I was facing a precarious situation, I was not stingy with the money given to Grandma Liu.

it was because of this kindness that Jia's mansion fell, and when she was helpless, Grandma Liu was able to come forward.

at the critical moment, save their daughter Qiao Jie who is about to be sold by them.

even though she could never have thought of it, some of her kindness to Grandma Liu finally saved her daughter.

everything you do in your life will bear fruit in the future. therefore, to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: "but do good deeds, do not ask about the future."

being a man, doing good deeds and accumulating thick virtues will eventually win the favor of God and the respect and recognition of others.

in the new year, may you become a kind person and enjoy a lifetime of happiness!