Be a smart guy who can pretend to be stupid.

/August 2022

Rockefeller once said: "those who think they are smart are fools, and those who know how to play dumb are really smart."

the road of life is long, the floating world is prosperous, and the life is getting longer and longer. I gradually find that the more you show off your talent, the less you will get respect.

the more you show off your ability, the more embarrassed you will be. The more you take credit for yourself, the easier it is to be looked down upon by others.

those who really shine are seldom overexert and publicize, but they are hidden in jade beads, glowing secretly.

Zeng Guofan said, "Don't be too smart."

people with wisdom are a little clumsy, because they know: they don't show all, they don't say enough, and they don't invite all their achievements.


actor Yuan Quan once said in an interview:

I don't think I'm a star, nor do I feel like I have stars. Most of the time, the character brings you a little bit of starlight on the actor.

when you come down from the character and the screen, you are an ordinary person. There is no need for any highlights in life, actors are really just a professional label.

she ascribes her starlight to the character itself and regards herself as an ordinary actress.

hide the halo above your head and keep on studying and ploughing on the stage of the play.

she is the grand slam winner of the Plum Blossom Award, Academy Award and Golden Lion Award in Chinese drama circles, and she is the youngest member of the Centennial Hall of Fame of Chinese Drama. He has created a lot of characters that impress the audience, but he has never mentioned his profession and efforts.

Yi Shu once said:

not deliberately showing talent is a kind of talent in itself.

some people will say that in complicated relationships, how can you be discovered and elected without showing your excellence?

but in fact, every moment of seriousness, every recognition, has secretly become their own unique capital.

there is no need to tell the whole story, because true knowledge is not on the surface, but in the bones.

and this wisdom and elegance will eventually become a long-term letter of recommendation that will help us go wider and further.

A really smart person will not be held hostage by the interests of the outside world, but will always adhere to the inner choice, always keep sober and restrained, never forget where he came from, and will not change his original mind.


Last month, Brother Zhang, who should have been promoted, was given a pay cut because of his own words.

when the business development meeting was held at the beginning of the year, the boss pointed out that the situation in the first half of this year was grim and it was difficult to achieve the profit target, so he applied to the headquarters to lower the assessment target and make adjustments when the situation improved.

the news finally relaxed the nervous department managers.

unexpectedly, Brother Zhang, who was sitting by, suddenly stood up and said confidently, "I don't care about other departments, our department's targets do not need to fall, and we are guaranteed to complete the task in the middle of the year."

the year before last, when the business as a whole was not very good, Brother Zhang's department received two overseas transportation projects, which operated smoothly for two years, but unexpectedly did not win the bid this year.

the loss of two major customers, the profit of Brother Zhang's department is far away from the target, and the original promise has really become his embarrassment.

not only did I fail to fulfill the promised task at that time, but also affected the achievement of the target of the whole company. The originally scheduled promotion was helplessly replaced by a pay cut.

the words are so full that in the end, you have to pay for the embarrassing result.

the "Duck effect" in psychology points out that people who lack ability are easy to indulge in illusory advantages created by themselves, and often overestimate their own ability level, but cannot objectively evaluate the ability of others.

A person who overestimates his ability is easy to ignore objective risks, forget himself for a while, show his cleverness in a high profile, but expose his stupidity accidentally.

only by concealing one's edge and focusing on accumulating strength, can we become more and more sophisticated and stop panicking.

A really smart person will not make a fat face and promise things that are beyond his control, but leave room for speech and know how to find a good way out.


Qi Xiang Yan Ying was so worried that he wanted to get rid of them.

one day, Yanzi picked two peaches and said to the three of them, "whoever does the most work, eat one peach."

reasonable in bohemian homecoming short attire ! There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

Gong Sun Jie came forward first and said that he had killed a white tiger with his own eyes and saved the master, and Yanzi gave him a peach.

Gu Yezi disagreed, saying that he killed a giant tortoise in the Yellow River and saved the master's life, so he got the last peach.

at this time, Tian Kaijiang stood up and said that he had conquered Xu and established the position of leader of the alliance for the country.

but I have no choice but to be preempted by the other two.

Yanzi said, "the peaches have been given, so we can only give them when they are ripe." Lord Jing also said, "General Tian took the greatest credit, but it was too late to say it."

Tian Kaijiang thought it was a disgrace, but he couldn't get a peach, so he wielded a sword and committed suicide.

Gong Sun Jie and Gu Ye Zi successively committed suicide because they felt humiliated by eating peaches.

the three officers and soldiers were confused by utilitarianism and competed with each other, all wanted to take the greatest credit to themselves, and finally got caught up in Yanzi's scheme and ended up in humiliation.

the peaches in Qi Xiang's hands, like the fame and interests of the moment, make many people flock to them and exaggerate themselves.The contribution, do not hesitate to trample on the hard work of others.

there are often people around us, who are not seen when building blocks, and who are in the forefront when rewarding meritorious deeds. They seem smart, but in fact they betray themselves fiercely.

because, not only do you know how much a person pays, but everyone will see it.

so-called fame, you can't get it if you want to invite it, or you can get it if you want to get it.

those who have light on their bodies never need to blow out the light of others.

A really smart person is a down-to-earth person who works hard in a down-to-earth manner, pays in obscurity, does not fight for or take credit, but just waits for things to happen and let nature take its course.


Laozi said: "generous without a corner, loud voice, elephant invisible, big hidden nameless."

We often think that talent is not revealed, ability is not shown, and merit is not asked for is clumsy. You know, no kind of light can be blocked, and no kind of gold can not shine.

May we all see the changes in the world and be smart people who can pretend to be stupid.

lower your posture and win respect; lower your position and recognize yourself; keep a low profile and go further and further.