Be a person who loves to laugh.

/July 2022

in these ups and downs, a song can be heard all over the city: you smile so beautifully, like the flowers in spring, blowing away all your troubles and sorrows, and you smile so beautifully, like the sunshine in summer. all the time in the world is beautiful like a picture. Whenever this melody ripples in the ear, the mood also stretches out like the picture in the song, becoming warm and beautiful.

A simple smile, a kind smile, a sincere smile, although it is only a slight rise in the corners of the mouth, it is an encouragement, approval, respect and joy to others. A smile can melt a cold heart, such as the spring breeze blowing, such as the warm sun shining. The smiling face always looks beautiful and moving, in the time of life, there will be a precious smile hidden in the heart, which may be your own, or the one with the deepest impression in your mind, which always appears in front of you on the way forward. give yourself more strength and courage.

A smile is the best business card and the best gift. Smile can quickly shorten the distance between two people, easily resolve the awkward atmosphere, people who love to laugh will not be too bad luck, people who love to laugh show a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, smile with its own halo, lovable, everyone because of character and a variety of complex living environment reasons, some love to laugh, some do not like to laugh, but one thing is certain: most of us will not hate people who love to laugh.

Wilcox in Germany once said: when life is as light and smooth as a song, it is easy to smile often, but he who smiles when everything is bad will live a worthwhile life. In the face of the ebb and flow of the tide, my heart is still optimistic, such a mind and bearing is admired and praised, but also set an example for the world.

when you are in a bad mood, don't forget to smile and reward yourself with a smile to wash away your troubles. Maybe you just smiled, and life is like you opened your warm arms.

there are linguistic and cultural differences around the world, but smiles are common all over the world. They can silently convey feelings better than words, not only to give friendly kindness to others, but also to help themselves.

be a person who loves to laugh, not forced to smile, but from the heart, no matter how the clock of fate swings, we all face with a strong smile, bring a smile to everyone around us, but also to ourselves, when you smile, you will find that life is better, when you smile, you will find that the people you meet are smiling at you, when you smile, you will find that this is happiness!

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