Be a big sea person (this article is priceless)

/August 2022

writer Mai Jia said:

think carefully about what the sea is like.

the sea is vast and magnificent, and it is the birth of the bright moon on the sea.

A man should, like the sea, live a natural and brilliant life at the rise of the tide and live an ordinary and determined life at the ebb of the tide.

No matter how difficult life is, no matter how difficult the situation is, you can still live well.

people of large sea type are bound to have these three characteristics.


Hai Nai Da

Western Han Dynasty litterateur Liu Xiangzeng said:

the sea is deep because of its vastness.

Mount Qomolangma becomes the roof of the world because of its vast foothills.

A man should be like the sea, like Mount Qomolangma, which can accommodate mountains and rivers in order to have wide mountains and rivers.

only when the heart is as wide as the sea can there be calm; if a man is like the sea, he can go smoothly everywhere.

in the 12th year of Duke Qi Xianggong, there was chaos in Qi, and the two fugitive princes competed with each other to return to the State of Qi to seize power and ascend the throne.

when the Duke of Lu Zhuang learned that there was no monarch in the State of Qi, he was very anxious and immediately sent troops to escort Prince Jiu back to China. Later, he found that Prince Xiaobai had set out for home first.

Guan Zhong decided to invite himself first and take 30 soldiers to intercept Childe Xiaobai on the road from Ju to Qi.

Guan Zhong met Prince Xiaobai's brigade of chariots and horses in Jimo. Guan Zhong and other Childe Xiaobai chariots and horses approached and shot at them with an arrow.

Guan Zhong shot his copper ribbon with an arrow, and the Childe Xiaobai bit the tip of his tongue and pretended to fall down.

Guan Zhong thought that Prince Xiaobai was dead, so he led his men to rendezvous with him.

after this surprise, Prince Xiaobai and Bao Shuya became more vigilant and marched towards the State of Qi at full speed.

when they came to Linzi, Bao Shuya went into the city to persuade, Qi Zhengqing Gao and Guo agreed to protect the prince Xiaobai as the king, so the prince Xiaobai went to the city and ascended the throne smoothly, which is the famous Duke of Qi Huan in history.

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Duke Huan of Qi wanted to kill Guan Zhong to avenge him after he ascended the throne.

Bao Shuya dissuaded

"if your Majesty only wants to govern the State of Qi, it will be enough to have Gao Kui and Bao Shuya."

if your Majesty wants to create a hegemonic career, he must be Guan Zhong.

where Guan Zhong is, the country will be strong, and the opportunity must not be lost! "

as Bao Shuya said, after Guan Zhong came to the State of Qi, he innovated various systems and issued a series of decrees in industry and commerce, military, and agriculture, which made the State of Qi strong and strong, enriched its granaries and became the first overlord of the Spring and Autumn and warring States period.

Confucius said:

means: Duke Huan of Qi can dominate, nine princes, one world, is Guan Zhong's plan! The people have been benefiting from it up to now.

A big sea person, magnanimous and tolerant.

he is broad-minded because he has a gully in his heart; he can stretch and bend because he is as open-minded as the sea.

be a person like the sea, with no dust in your heart, and know how to ask for advice from capable people.


after the ebb of the tide,

Martin once said:

"every strong man has clenched his teeth for a period of time when there is no help, no support, no one to ask for warmth.

in the past, this is your bar mitzvah. If you can't get through, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit. "

in this life, people always rise and fall in suffering.

but no matter what you encounter, don't give up easily, because after the ebb, the tide rises.

Mu Xin also said in

the pain and lamentation in the course of life are written on the water and will be washed away in the ebb and flow of the tide.

Zeng Gong went to Beijing with his father at the age of 18. After entering the Imperial College, he wrote a "Policy of the hour".

Ouyang Xiu was surprised to see this article, so he brought Zeng Gong into the house, and often boasted to his colleagues:

but Zeng Gong, who was in his prime, wasted nearly 20 years in the examination room and never won the list. Over the past 20 years, Zeng Gong has experienced the death of his father and the decline of his family.

while serving her stepmother, she has to raise four younger brothers and nine younger sisters.

the firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea of the family life, all the trifles need him to deal with.

Zeng Gong still did not give up and taught the children of his family while studying.

in the second year of Song Renzong Jiayou, 38-year-old Zeng Gong led two younger brothers, two brother-in-law, and a cousin to the capital to take the imperial examination again.

at this time, under the proposal of Ouyang Xiu and others, the imperial court was determined to innovate in poetry, paying attention to returning to nature and advocating independent style, which was just suitable for people with real talent and learning like Zeng Gong.

years of persistence finally paid off, and all six members of the Zeng family won.

Feng Zikai said:

Life is always unsatisfactory. Only through some experience can we have the fragrance of plum blossoms.

the really strong, even in the trough, can remain calm and full of hope, because they understand that every step after the trough is rising, and after the ebb, the tide is rising.

Life is like a clearance game, only like the sea, the tide surges, day and night, can we keep moving forward.


the sea of life, mountains and rivers

"sea of life" is a Minnan dialect, meaning: life is as changeable as the sea, ups and downs, but always have to live well.

think about it.

Life is as dazed as the sea, there is no fixed destination, there are always ups and downs, there are always a lot of uncertaintyFactors.

the Mai family said in the Sea of Life:

the sea is cloudy and sometimes the sky is clear.

the same is true of life. There are times when the wind is going well, and there are times when the mud is slippery.

I have seen such a story.

there is a man who complains to the Zen master:

the Zen master smiles but says nothing, just drinks tea.

the man, seeing that the Zen master did not answer, continued:

the Zen master asked:

the man froze for a moment and said:

the Zen master continued:

since no one can escape, it is better to fall in love with life.

Life is not what we live, but what we remember.

everyone's life will have desperate yesterday and today, but they are still happy to live for tomorrow.

Smart people will let themselves become like the sea, let you wind up and rain fall, I accept calmly.

there is no perfect life, imperfection is life.

looking back on the bleak place, there is no wind, rain or sunshine.

with hills in the chest and mountains and rivers in the eyes, they can be kindled gently before the spring breeze blows.

the sea of life, may you and I, like the sea, learn from the outside, be strong inside, and become the best of ourselves.