Amazing four laws (must be read in 2021)

/August 2022

Law of cause and effect

everything happens for an inevitable reason.

in other words, when you see anything, you don't have to feel incomprehensible or strange.

because everything happens for a reason.

there is a Chinese saying:

"good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil."

if a person does a good deed, he wins the favor and gratitude of others.

when it is in trouble, it is easy to get help from others.

on the contrary, if a person does something bad, others are likely to be malicious to him or her.

when you are in trouble, even if you don't get caught in a well, no one will lend a helping hand.

in a word: reap what you sow, reap what you sow, what kind of cause you sow and what kind of fruit you get.


the law of relaxation

people can achieve the best results only when they are relaxed.

on the contrary, the more anxious you are about the result, the less you will get the ideal result, or even the opposite result.

for example:

A power outage on a hot night, the more anxious you are about when the electricity will come, the more you toss and turn, and the more you can't sleep, the electricity won't come.

and when you finally settle down and stop worrying, suddenly your room is brightly lit and the air conditioner can be used.

sometimes, the more you ask, the less you can get.

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Don't always think about certain things and when certain results will be obtained.

in the process of what you constantly want, the deeper you cling to it, the more anxious you are, and the worse it is to do something bad.

relax, try your best, and do what needs to be done.

these things will come to you one by one.


Law of 28

people achieve only 20% of their time and effort before reaching their goals.

another 80% of the results will only be achieved in the last 20% of the time and effort.

this causes many people to lose confidence and give up in the process of pursuing goals because they fail to see obvious results.

I don't know, as long as you stick to it.

after walking the last 20% of the road, you can get the remaining 80% of the results.

this is why there are always a few successful people, because very few people can make it to the end.

Destiny is a long-term thing.

only if we have enough patience and confidence, firmly believe that what we do will be successful in the future, and unswervingly, can we get rid of the 1982 curse.


Law of worth doing

what is worth doing is done well.

it's really worth it only if you think what you're doing is worth it.

there is a classic line:

"A dish is cooked well or bad, the raw material is not important, the seasoning is not important, the heat is not important, the most important thing is the heart of the cook."

when you cook with an "unworthy" heart, your food is added bitterness.

the emotion of "not worth it" can spread.

when we feel that a day is not worth living well, almost all of our days are not good.

in the end, I'm afraid all we can get is an "unworthy life".

so we should avoid the idea that it is not worth it.

make rational use of resources and time to do things worth doing well.

Life has its ups and downs and changes, but there are always rules to follow.

follow the laws of nature, comply with the way of heaven, be responsible to yourself, and heaven will be responsible to you.