A headmaster's five-minute speech was enlightening: the most promising child in the future will not get 100 points at all.

/July 2022

recently, a headmaster in Jiangsu Province maxed out the Internet in a five-minute speech during the two sessions.

his name is Tang Jiangpeng, a member of the Jiangsu CPPCC and a high school principal with 41 years of experience in basic education. Principal Tang's heartfelt words are worthy of every parent's deep consideration.

even Bai Yansong likes him:

"Principal Tang Jiangpeng has the important potential to become an online celebrity. In fact, he has already become an online celebrity.

but let's not just have fun for a moment, not just Internet celebrities for a while, but more importantly, leave a mark on our hearts and push our education forward in this direction. "


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A good education does not require children to get 100 points

Principal Tang Jiangpeng said in his speech:

scores have always been an important yardstick for us to measure whether a child is good or bad.

We use scores to examine whether children work hard and predict whether they will be successful in the future.

but is it true?

A third-year student with a master's degree in chemical engineering from childhood to big, but in the early morning of October 13 last year, he was frustrated for a long time because of the project experiment and the pressure to postpone his graduation. He ended his life in the lab.

when he couldn't get past it, he could have asked for help, made a detour, and could have waited for the next second of "willows and flowers", but he went into a dead end and forced himself to death.

A 17-year-old senior high school girl from Shaanxi Province committed suicide after writing down 13 "sorry" because of a retrogression in her scores in a mock exam.

A setback in her performance, she could have confided in, relieved, and waited for her next effort to catch up, but she said goodbye to the world with a deep sense of guilt.

scores gave them a chance, but they also became the straw that crushed them in the end.

in Glory Table Tennis, the national team coach once told Yu Kenan, who lost points in the game, "before the ball hits the ground, anything is possible."

what is a failure in an exam? it is the most distressing to ruin one's own possible future for the failure of the past.

however, such heartbreaking cases have emerged one after another in recent years. Is it that our children are too vulnerable? Or is our anxiety hurting the child?

We often see such news:

Children get 97 points and parents are depressed;

Children get 92 points, and they have to finish 376 examination papers in one summer vacation to make up for this 8-point gap;

many parents are anxious about their children's grades, far greater than the construction of their children's spiritual world.

parents spend most of their time and experience training their children to take exams. In fact, they are paying for their own uneasiness with their children's future.

teacher Yin Jianli said:

if you want a score of 100, don't ask your child to get a score of 100. If children can achieve what their parents ask for, then all the children in the world will have excellent grades, good habits, versatility and good appearance-- in that case, it is really easy to be a parent. "

I think so.

the more we want our children to get good grades, the less we can ask them for grades.

because vulgar goals will only bring vulgar stimulation to children, not good internal motivation.

if children do not focus on what they have learned in their studies or exams, what else will not be done and how to improve it?

but always pay attention to what other people think of him, how to evaluate him, and what kind of reward he will get if he does well in the exam. How embarrassing would it be if you didn't do well in the exam?

then, these ideas will become a heavy burden on our children, making our children timid, overwhelmed, and even psychologically distorted, and such children will never get good grades in the future.

as the Chinese mathematician Shiing-Shen Chern said:

therefore, the ultimate goal of education is never to give children a score of 100, but to develop their ability to get along with themselves and the world.


good education

does not train children into "problem-solving machines"

Principal Tang Jiangpeng said in his speech:

"Last year, freshmen in high school reported that the average height of boys was 1.8 meters, and the average height of girls was 1.66 meters. The development of the children is very good, the "growth" is gratifying, and half of the boys are taller than me.

but pull-up, only 3.72 boys can complete pull-ups, 132 boys can't pull any of them up, and 774 students wear glasses among 893 students in senior high school. "

in fact, it is a common phenomenon that children can not run fast, jump high, walk not far, scoliosis and myopia are on the rise.

because of the heavy burden of schoolwork, the time of children's extracurricular activities is constantly compressed.

because of the obsession with mobile games and short videos, children's awareness of sports is gradually weakening.

We always think that it is a waste of precious time to exercise.

but often ignore: without a healthy body, no matter how good the score is zero.

Last September, a student in Hunan who scored 765 (out of 810) in the high school entrance examination died of heat stroke during military training.

the sport, which parents regard as "useless", has become the biggest stumbling block in children's life.

in fact, previous studies have found that

physical exercise can enhance the function of nine areas of the gray matter of the brain, which are important for children's cognitive ability, executive ability, and learning ability.

that is to say, exercise not only does not affect children's learning, on the contrary, exercise plays a great role in promoting children's learning.

Guangxi College entrance examination Top PoplarChen Yu once said:

exercise is never futile. It is not only the exercise of the child's physique, but also the accumulation of the child's inner strength.

A child who loves sports can arrange his time effectively.

A child who loves sports is more likely to mobilize his enthusiasm and devote himself to it.

A child who loves sports knows better that he is light and refreshed after sweating.

exercise is a kind of nourishment, a breakthrough, and a strength for children to challenge the future.

A child who keeps exercise habits will never be afraid of losing for a while, because healthy body and tenacious belief are their greatest capital to win.


A good education

does not mean that children become "high-score and low-ability children."

President Tang Jiangpeng gives advice to parents across the country:

"it is far more important for kindergarten children to develop the habit of tidying up things than early literacy; it is far more important for children to read more than reading comprehension;

seven or eight cram classes a week force children to lose interest and study."

Zhu Qingshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once talked about his personal experience.

when Academician Zhu Qingshi was admitted to the Chinese University of Science and Technology, the total score was only more than 460, which could not even reach the current key line of the college entrance examination.

they had no cram school at that time. After class, they reviewed the college entrance examination for only one month.

but their students at that time had strong practical ability and adaptability. Apart from book knowledge, they also accumulated a lot of knowledge in other aspects.

now, some college students leave campus, leave academia, and know nothing but memorize books and read books by rote.

some middle school students are in the mood for love, but they are lifeless, and there is no trace of juvenile frivolity.

some pupils can't even peel eggs or tie shoes.

these phenomena make Academician Zhu Qingshi sigh very much, and therefore draw a conclusion:

there should be a degree of fertilization and study.

overwork is the same as over-fertilization, no matter how difficult it is to improve your grades, or become a mediocre talent with "high scores and low abilities".

Education experts once talked about a "ten phenomenon".

that is to say, the tenth or so children in the class are often the most talented, and many heroes and leaders are not ranked first at school, but around the tenth.