A habitual son is like killing a son! Spoiled children often have these three behaviors, and it will be too late if they don't pay attention to them.

/June 2022

since becoming a parent, children have become a weakness of parents, eager to give all their love to their children.

all children who are loved by their parents are happy, but once the love goes too far, the child will be spoiled.

spoiled children often have the following characteristics. Parents come and have a look. If your child has such performance, it should be paid attention to.


disrespect for elders

"respecting the old and loving the young" is a fine traditional virtue, but now many spoiled children do not know how to "respect the elderly".

A few days ago, my mother saw a piece of news, which really made me feel sad.

just because the mother got on the wrong bus for a little carelessness, the child kicked her own mother, and the morning mother felt a chill across the screen.

I flipped through the comments to know that things like this are common.

Children who do not respect their elders have one thing in common: they swear to their elders if they are not happy at all, and if they are even more unhappy, they do it to them.

when children contradict or refute their parents, they do not stop them in time, but choose to let the child develop, so that the child will think it is right.

after a long time, you will develop the bad habit of being disrespectful and open-mouthed.

in life, we often see old people who, in order to tease their children, let their children beat their parents in a joking way.

in fact, this is a very bad way of education. Children dare to beat and scold their parents when they are young, but they dare to do more excessive things when they grow up.

if parents stop the child from going out of line for the first time, instead of blindly spoiling, then the child will know what "respect for elders" means.

anything happens for nothing. There are causes and consequences. Children's disrespect for their elders may come from your daily habit of him.

therefore, parents should remember that once their children show signs of disrespect for their parents, they should reflect on whether they have spoiled their children.


emotionally unstable

spoiled children all have the same characteristic: bad temper and eruption regardless of occasion.

once I took my balls to an amusement park and saw a family, which impressed me very much.

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A child of about five years old walked among several people, accompanied by the child's parents and grandma.

parents help their children with their schoolbags, while grandma feeds them with all kinds of snacks.

when he arrived at the roller coaster place, the child insisted on grandma playing with him. Grandma repeatedly explained that he could not play if he had a heart attack.

the parents of the child are even coaxing the child: "would you like to buy you ice cream later? will mom and dad stay with you and let grandma keep an eye on things here?"

originally I thought the child's trouble would be over, but the child didn't buy it at all.

just lay on the ground and cried, shouting: "Grandma doesn't want to be with me, you don't love me, I hate you!"

when the child's parents saw this, they became anxious and begged the child not to cry or get angry.

Grandma's reaction surprised me even more. Grandma hastened to admit to the child: "it's Grandma's fault. Why don't Grandma accompany you on the roller coaster?"

later, the staff told the family: "tourists who are too old or sick are not allowed to ride the roller coaster."

seeing such a situation, the child is unwilling to play with other projects and swears.

this child is self-willed, wanton, and loses his temper once he fails to live up to his expectations, which is an obvious sign of being spoiled.

if you don't correct it in time, it's hard for me to imagine what children will look like when they grow up.


like to talk about conditions

sometimes we can hear these words from our children:

if you don't let me eat ice cream, I won't eat

if you don't buy me toys, I won't do my homework

if you don't let me watch TV, I won't sleep

these "threats" to parents

seem to be taken for granted, but this is not a good state.

only children who are spoiled by their parents will get used to using this method of "negotiating terms" to achieve their own goals.

before, when watching a parent-child program, Wu Zun often used this method to "bribe" his child NeiNei.

there was a program in which Wu Zun took out a train ticket and asked what NeiNei was. NeiNei said it was a card.

when Wu Zun took out the lollipop, NeiNei immediately changed his tune and said it was a train ticket.

NeiNei seems to be used to dad giving himself lollipops, and doesn't seem to think hard as long as he doesn't give him lollipops.

I believe that in life, many mothers have encountered this kind of situation, in fact, this is a very terrible thing.

now that children are still young, the bargaining chip for bargaining may be snacks. If parents still spoil their children so much, then when they grow up, the bargaining chip for bargaining may be running away from home, or even more serious things.

therefore, parents should be "cruel" to their children, do not spoil their children, and do not give them a chance to negotiate terms.

only in this way can we ensure that the future education will not come to an end.


as the saying goes, "a habitual son is like killing a son". Spoiling children is not to love them, but to harm them.

if children have the above performance, parents must pay attention to it.

A "spoiled" child will not get anyone else wherever he goes.I love it.

saying "no" to children is the right way to love them.