A good word warms up in three winters

/August 2022

there is a good saying: a good word is warm in three winters, and a bad word is cold in June. It means that a kind word, even in the cold winter months, makes your heart feel warm; on the contrary, a vicious word, even in the hot summer, also makes you feel cold.

words are the voice of the heart. In the communication with a person, through his words, you can probably see his heart, and the kind words from the heart can not only warm others, but also make yourself better!

in the long journey of life, everyone is not easy. They often face anxiety and depression, loss of confidence, depression, loneliness, and so on. At this time, maybe a friendly smile or a warm-hearted word will make the mood change from yin to clear, and the heart will be filled with sunshine again. Let the cloudy face slowly appear a smile.

kind words are good medicine, and affirmation and relief, encouragement and support are its prescriptions. It is like a pair of warm hands, gently stroking your head; like a warm spring breeze, awakening the frozen world. It can make the tangled mood slowly calm down; it can make the depressed mood gradually rise up; it can make the bewildered eyes become firm and find the goal of life again.

when we regret what has just happened, we immediately calm down by saying, "whatever happened today, everything will pass." when we step into an unfamiliar environment and appear to be in a hurry and occasionally make mistakes, we are grateful to say, "you have done a good job and everything will be all right slowly." When we are depressed and do not want to persist, the sentence "you have taken a big step forward, please do not give up", let people sweep away the haze and regain confidence!

these warm words, these warm pictures pacify our lost mood, support us to go on, continue to work hard for life and ideals! In the rough journey of life, these words are like the starry sky in the dark night, accompanying us, flashing the light of hope!

Life becomes better and warmer because of these beautiful and warm words; people are closer to each other because of these understanding and thoughtfulness, encouragement and support. People should support each other, rely on each other, join hands with each other and make a good life together!

and those evil words are like sharp knives that poke the heart; like sprinkling salt on other people's wounds, it will make a heart so frightened that it has nowhere to hide and become desperate! Hurt others, their own heart has become indifferent!

if you look at everything in the world with compassion, you will have more tolerance and understanding; with more understanding and compassion, there will be more kindness in words. The circulation of kind words in the world is like a blossom of lotus flowers in the sky!

giving roses to others, leaving fragrance in your hands, and being kind to others is to be kind to yourself. While these words warm others, they will certainly make their own life journey better!

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