A good fengshui of a family is inseparable from these three points! (it makes sense.)

/August 2022

A home is a harbor for a person's whole life, how many people spend their whole lives just to make the family happy!

in fact, there are many rules and conditions for the development of the family!

if you do the following three things, you can change a family's feng shui and make it prosperous.


support the family with filial piety and family harmony

Zeng Guofan said:

Children who know how to be filial to their parents know how to be grateful. No matter who they get along with, they will never forget the kindness of others. Such people will always have dignitaries to make friends with.

families who know how to be filial to their parents, tolerance and family affection, once something happens, parents can always reconcile in it, parents can listen to what they say, a family, it is very difficult to have a big dispute.

A family who knows how to be filial to his parents, knows how to give back to his parents, attaches great importance to responsibility and righteousness, is not kind to his family, and is sincere and does not cheat on his partner.

there are two elders in the family. If they have two treasures and know how to be filial to their parents, their children will grow up very sensible and will benefit a child's whole life.

filial piety to parents is to sow blessings, but also to inherit goodness, which will certainly make a family prosperous with each passing day.


follow the rules and discipline ourselves

each and every one of us has a responsibility.

when we interact with people, we all have a bottom line.

you have to take up the responsibility of the family. Children put study first, parents put family first, children are sensible and parents are tolerant, so such a home must be extremely warm.

after we get married, we must fulfill our responsibilities.

the husband should love his wife, do not associate too closely with the opposite sex, and know how to keep a distance;

the wife should be kind to her family, not complaining that she is angry, and keep a good temper.

Don't do what's wrong, do what's right, stick to it. Parents pass on good living habits, and children benefit silently.

parents work hard, maintain good character, and use their own positive energy to influence their children, then the family will certainly become richer and richer.

the development of the family is in the hands of every family member. Only by exercising strict self-discipline can the family have a better future.


accumulate good deeds and do good deeds.

Kimura Jiuichi said:

A family that wants long-term peace and stability will have endless blessings in the future. Moral education must be put first!

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including, tolerate each other, no more angry abuse and accusation, hysteria.

outside, often lend a helping hand, help others when they need it, and sow blessings.

the development of a family is closely related to the behavior of family members.

families who know how to tolerate have fewer and fewer disputes; families who know how to cherish their feelings are getting deeper and deeper; families who know how to make concessions are grateful to each other.

A family, the better the virtue, the better the development; the more positive the character of a family, the more blessed it is.

if you want a family to prosper, you must be virtuous!

the virtuous have it. Only with good moral character can the family have a good atmosphere and become more and more harmonious. Only in the circle will they have a good reputation and become more and more lucky!

A family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing; if it is not good, there must be aftermath! Families that value virtue are bound to produce a large number of talents and blessed children!