A good article without explanation is enlightening after reading it!

/July 2022

one day, a doctor took a boat to enjoy the scenery.

on board, the doctor asked the fisherman, "do you know anything about biology?"

the fisherman said no.

the doctor said, "then you're going to lose one-fourth of your life."

after a while, the doctor asked, "do you know philosophy?"

the fisherman still won't.

the doctor added, "then you're going to lose one-fourth of your life."

after a while, the doctor asked again, "can you do science?"

fishermen still can't.

just then, the strong wind was in disorder, bringing in a huge wave.

the fisherman asked the doctor, "can you swim?"

the doctor said: no.

the fisherman said, "then your life is over!" Maybe you will always meet some people, some show off their knowledge in front of you, some show off their wealth in front of you, some people show off their status without saying anything, and others show off their strength when they say you can't.


the profound knowledge is not to conquer others, but to see one's own smallness;

the wealth is not to show off luxury, but to increase the responsibility of promoting good; the illustrious status of

is not to be narcissistic, but to lead the masses forward; the strength of

is not to bully the weak, but to breathe freely.

after experiencing the ups and downs in society and the baptism of spiritual practice along the way, we should understand that it is easy for the rich to be, but difficult for the aristocracy to practice. If someone keeps showing off something to you in life, it is precisely the time when the other person doesn't know it.

an aunt joined a doctoral group by mistake.

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someone asked: if a drop of water falls freely from a very high place, will it hurt if it hits someone? Or smashed to death?

the group became lively at once, and the calculations of various formulas, assumptions, resistance, gravity and acceleration were discussed for nearly an hour.

at this time, the aunt could not help asking: haven't you been in the rain?

there is a sudden dead silence in the group.

A truly knowledgeable, capable, capable person does not need to show off himself to achieve self-satisfaction, inner peace and growth is what we constantly pursue.

instead of "showing off" to get recognition, it is better to "recharge" yourself and focus more on your self-cultivation. Life is always difficult to leave the noise and chaos, I hope we can all do it, show in the heart, outside in the line.