A family without rules is more terrible than having no money.

/July 2022

Mencius said,'if you don't follow the rules, you can't make a square. "

if a family is to prosper, it needs rules and discipline.

A family without rules is worse than poverty.


to elders, director Chen Kaige and his wife Chen Hong once took part in a program with their son Chen Feiyu.

in the program, Chen Feiyu's parents were having dinner and talking when he pushed the door in.

so Chen Feiyu gently closed the door and stood in the corner of the door without disturbing his parents.

it was not until Chen Kaige called Chen Feiyu over that he walked slowly over.

Chen Hong fed Chen Feiyu a mouthful of food and asked him if it was delicious.

because he was chewing food in his mouth, Chen Feiyu did not speak, but nodded.

after that, Chen Kaige handed his chopsticks to Chen Feiyu and asked him to eat a piece of meat.

Chen Feiyu took the chopsticks handed over by Chen Kaige with both hands and nodded to his father gracefully.

when Chen Kaige recalled the past with Chen Hong, Chen Feiyu crouched beside his mother and hugged her shoulder tightly.

parents chat as children do not interrupt, can not talk at dinner, pick up things with both hands, nod to show gratitude.

after watching the video, many viewers praised Chen Kaige's tutoring and Chen Feiyu's courtesy and courtesy.

the attitude of children towards their parents reveals not only their upbringing, but also their parents' tutoring.

only parents with strict tutoring can teach educated children.

Guo Degang is famous for his strict tutoring and strict family style.

to this day, when Guo Degang sat with his father, he still straightened his back and dared not cross Jiro's legs.

Guo Degang has never played a joke on his father, never said a dirty word at home, and is always respectful to his father.

son Guo Qilin doesn't look domineering at all. When Guo Degang speaks, Guo Qilin always stands behind him with a respectful look.

Graham, a famous American priest, said:

similarly, children who behave and respect in front of their parents are bound to treat others in a courteous and courteous manner.

and children who are well-behaved and educated in this way will be liked and respected wherever they go.

just like Chen Feiyu and Guo Qilin, they not only have good career development, but also have a good reputation in the industry.


for children, strict rules

writer Liu Yong once said a very profound sentence:

Liu Yong is a typical strict father who has been setting rules for his son since childhood to teach him independence and respect.

son Liu Xuan was not talkative when he was a child and developed the habit of being autistic. Liu Yong laid down very strict rules for his son.

do your own things, strictly work and rest, and don't be lazy; wash your own clothes, and when your parents are not at home, you have to cook for yourself;

your son has to watch TV and play with his cell phone. He also sent his son to a place with a three-hour journey to school.

once, when his son did something wrong, Liu Yong scolded him and then turned his head to the other side.

when he turned his head, Liu Yong found his son secretly raising his foot and signalling that he wanted to kick him.

although the son's this is a "fake", it is still seen by Liu Yong.

so Liu Yong began to teach his son a lesson.

he said, either you don't make rules or you have to strictly enforce them, which is very important.

under the restraint of his father, Liu Xuan learned to be independent at an early age, studied very hard, and was admitted to Harvard University.

in the face of his father's discipline, Liu Xuan also hated, rebelled and hated his father.

but in the year when he grew up and was admitted to Harvard, Liu Xuan suddenly realized his father's good intentions.

Liu Xuan confessed that his father said:

all children are stubborn and rebellious, but if parents just blindly follow their children's temper, they are likely to lead their children astray.

maybe children can't understand their parents' intentions when they are young. Over time, they will certainly understand their parents' good intentions.

parents who don't know how to set rules cannot raise promising children.

Liang Qichao once said, "rather than reason with children, it is better to set rules."

in Liang Qichao's eyes, it is never the reason that changes life, but the rules.

when Liang Qichao was six years old, he lied to his mother because of a trivial matter and was called to the bedroom by his mother to give him a severe lecture.

Mother has always been gentle and honest, and this is the first time Liang Qichao has seen his mother in a rage.

Liang Qichao tried to cover it up, but unexpectedly made his mother angry and began to teach him a lesson.

from then on, his mother laid down the rule of "no lying" for him.

when Liang Qichao became an adult, his mother told him in earnest:

"the reason why people lie, or do something they shouldn't do, but lie that they haven't done it;

or there is something that should be done, but falsely claim to have done it."

his mother's words left a deep impression on Liang Qichao and laid down rules in his young heart.

Family Education once said: "Freedom with rules is called liveliness, and freedom without rules is presumptuous."

if the family has no rules, the children will have no principles.

when children are young, if they do not set rules, they will easily lack awe when they go to society in the future.

the sense of rules is not only the armor to protect the child, but also the door to the future world.


between husband and wifeMutual respect

saw a movie called "Marriage Story" a long time ago, which tells the story of a perfect marriage going to extinction.

Charlie is a talented director and Nicole is an excellent actress. The two fell in love at first sight because of their work.

they once thought that each other was the best soul mate, and others thought they were a tacit couple.

is such a tacit understanding of the couple, and finally to the point of divorce.

after living together for a long time, they will block out each other's strengths and see only weaknesses.

Charlie became a shopkeeper at home. His wife took care of all the children, and he turned a deaf ear to them.

Charlie also ignored his wife's emotions and was arbitrary and bossy, and his wife didn't even have a say.

the location and type of the apartment did not ask his wife's opinion, and the furniture was all bought according to his taste, and nothing the wife wanted.

once, the two men quarreled again over the custody of their children. The more they talked, the more excited they became, and the more they talked, the more their emotions got out of control.

finally began to dig up each other's old debts, each said a lot of things that hurt each other, Charlie growled:

they attacked and blamed each other in the most vicious language.

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the two hearts gradually go farther and farther, and finally go their separate ways completely.

I was filled with emotion when I remembered a piece of news I saw a few days ago.

in 2018, in Zhejiang Province, the leading cause of divorce was not domestic violence or emotional breakdown, but innocuous "trivialities of life".

because husband and wife do not know how to compromise with each other, trivial things become more and more serious, and finally become the fuse of divorce.