A family without a sense of ritual cannot raise a happy child!

/July 2022

when you ask the people around you, "how much is one to one?" He must have answered "2" easily.

but you ask him, "what is the meaning of life?" I think it will be difficult for him to answer right away.

the uncertainty and repetition of life make it difficult for us to figure out why we are busy all day.

you never know what will happen next and where the story will go.

our long lives may come to an abrupt end tomorrow.

when we face nothingness and absurdity, our efforts may not be rewarded, and our efforts may not necessarily see the results, the sense of ritual makes us feel ourselves and really live in this world.


Life rituals make children happier

St. Exupery, as a romantic Frenchman, says in the Little Prince:

in the Man who does housework, Wang Zulan's daughter gabby is definitely a little princess spoiled by her parents. In the

program, they recorded the whole process of preparing their daughter's birthday party.

Mother Li Yanan is adept at making cakes that babies can eat in the kitchen.

Dad Wang Zulan is in charge of arranging the birthday party, shooting balloons with his bare hands and even having to stand on tiptoe to pose for balloons.

when her daughter wakes up, her mother puts on new clothes and braids for her to celebrate her 18th birthday.

Zulan also said that she wants to celebrate her daughter's birthday every month before her daughter is two years old:

it's worth seeing that your daughter and wife are happy. You are happy, so I am happy.

the ritual feeling is full of parents' love.

maybe some netizens disagree:

"what do children over one year old know? isn't that fooling around?"

"the child is so young that it is useless to do so much!"

"how expensive children's things are now, and there are still many places to spend money in the future."

every day that a child grows up is worth recording.

it is these ceremonial feelings that "unnecessary" can make them feel their parents' love, attention and attention to him at this different moment.

under the imperceptible influence of this attitude towards life, children understand that in every ordinary and repeated day, they can live differently and live more interesting and happier lives.

the sense of ritual has become a symbol of a mundane life, making children remember what they were doing at this time last year.

it can give meaning to every ordinary day, every meaningless repetitive action.

it allows the child to live in the present, so that the child is often full of expectation, waiting for a special moment to come.

these are moments that may be meaningless to others, but they can fill children's hearts with happiness and have the power to crush boulders.

in this way, even if children look back and realize that their life stories have no beginning and no end, there is no need to be afraid.

because in the past countless days and nights, the ceremonial things parents do for their children have demarcated the meaning of life for their children.


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Family ritual, so that children know more about love

Wang Xue's home is not ceremonial.

Birthday is the only thing that has something to do with rituality. the family of three routinely go out for dinner.

cake is not eaten every year. Her parents always say that they are so old that it is useless to celebrate their birthday.

not to mention parents' wedding anniversaries, even if there is a holiday, they seldom do anything specially. They can rest at home as soon as they can. Her parents often say:

work is too tiring. It's not easy to take two days off. What are you doing out? There are so many people that they are idle and fastidious.

when she was a child, she thought that other families were the same, and that "celebrating holidays" was the affectation of a small number of rich and idle people.

but gradually, she found that many people around her would prepare carefully for the birthday of each member of the family;

celebrate every special day, even have regular items, and look forward to and dress up for family gatherings.

during the holidays, everyone in moments brushes the screen and eats the family dinner brightly, but her family is still the same as usual.

it feels like the light bulb at home is broken, decadent, and has no enthusiasm or freshness for life.

growing up, Wang Xuejia's indifference to the sense of ceremony made her seem to have lost her ability to blend into the festive atmosphere, and even some fear.

there is a contradictory mentality about any act of celebrating a special day, which is both contemptuous and envious.

on other people's birthday party, she will be very uncomfortable and dare not take the initiative to tell others about her birthday, thinking that it is a trouble to spend it secretly.

Happy birthday to her, her friend said thank you and was so embarrassed that she was wrinkled.

what life is like depends entirely on one's attitude, and the sense of ritual in those families teaches children to enjoy time in pale and boring days.

if 365 days a year, it makes no difference, how boring it is to live!

the flavor of the New year is not as good as it used to be. Every holiday feels the same. The whole meaning is just rest.

different family rituals can make some days of the year different from normal, like rippling on a calm level and making life interesting.

for example, Dragon Boat Festival, buy rice here with children, buy leaves there, package together, cook together, eat together.

the sense of family ceremony will make the child love life more, and this sense of ritual will also bring happiness to the people around him.

the sense of family ceremony is the poetic symbol of life, which flows out the parents' intentions and efforts to life. If children experience and practice without distractions, life will have a long aftertaste and children will know more about love.


Educational rituals make it easier for children to learn

when they are in college, tutors have a habit of reading for a while after lunch every day.

later found that his son was like this every day, so he asked his son why he wanted to read after dinner.

my son said, since I was a child, I saw you reading every day after dinner. I thought I should read a little after dinner.