7 things to stick to no matter what age you reach

/June 2022


first, never give up on your dreams.

everyone has risks they want to take, attempts they want to do, and things they want to accomplish in their lives.

in fact, as long as you have such a wish, don't bury it in your heart for a long time.

Don't deceive yourself when it's too late, don't comfort yourself because you don't have time, and don't give up on the grounds that it's impossible.

because the biggest regret in life is not that you can't, but that you haven't made the slightest effort and struggle for the life you want.


second, always be optimistic.

in fact, people face all kinds of sufferings and setbacks from birth.

maybe you want to back down when you're under a lot of stress. Perhaps, when the burden is heavy, you have thought about giving up. Even when you feel desperate, you want to break the jar.

but no matter how much misfortune you experience, remember:

in this world, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome, and there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome. When you face it with optimism, everything has a chance and possibility for the better.


third, never give up learning.

there is a saying that it is never too old to learn.

in fact, the real aging of a person is not his age, but when he does not study or make progress, he loses his youthful vigor and vitality.

No matter how old you are, remember to read some books every day, learn some knowledge every day, and always be curious and curious.

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in this way, we can make our life as rich and interesting as possible, and every day of our life is more valuable and meaningful.


fourth, always be kind to your body.

whether you are young or middle-aged, a good body is not only the capital of our revolution, but also our greatest strength and capital to live well.

Don't trade your body for something unimportant, and don't overdraw and squander your health.

exercise when you exercise, exercise when you exercise. Pay attention to diet and regular work and rest.

when you lose your body, you lose everything. But with good health, the future can only be expected, and the future will only grow.


Fifth, never give up kindness.

in life, we will encounter all kinds of people and things.

maybe sometimes your kindness is not understood by others. Sometimes, your good intentions lead to misunderstandings.

but you should always remember that the relationship between people is an exchange of true feelings and a good reward for kindness.

Don't be overly pessimistic about this society. The human heart is not so sinister. The world is not that complicated.

maybe you can be on your guard against the world, but in any case, please always keep and don't lose your kindness.


sixth, always learn to cherish others.

the encounter between people is a rare fate.

sometimes, when you are kind to others, you are actually kind to yourself. Sometimes, when you love others, you actually love yourself.

No matter how close you are to each other, don't say hurtful things, don't do hurtful things. Let alone be reckless and unscrupulous.

if you don't treat it well, the heart will be cold. Once you don't keep it up, your feelings will fade. Once you don't cherish it, the best relationship will end in the end.


Seven, never waste your time.

the full number of days in one's life is no more than 30,000 days.

when you waste your time, you are actually wasting your life. When you are wasting your time, you are actually wasting your good time.

Don't wait until there is no room for redemption. Don't wait until the end of your life to regret it.

while the time is right, while the sun is not dry, cherish every day, meet the people you want to see, and do what you want to do.

May you run away for half your life and come back as a teenager. May you see through the world and still have compassion. May you be healthy, be happy, and live your life with no regrets.

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