50 hidden social rules that adults must know

/July 2022

I have heard such a saying: "90% of people's troubles come from interpersonal relationships."

when you are alive, you inevitably have to deal with all kinds of people.

socializing has become a problem that every adult must face.

the key to dealing with social problems lies not in IQ, but in EQ.

share 50 social skills to improve EQ and benefit from it for life.


Gold is priceless, but love is priceless.

what money can solve, don't consume human feelings.


Don't cry about being poor or show off your wealth.

crying about poverty, others will think you are hypocritical; show off your wealth, others will think you show off.


because you can never guess who will spread your word.


people's joys and sorrows are never connected, and there is no real empathy in the world.

most people get bored when they hear too much, and a few people advertise it as a laughingstock.


others laugh at themselves as humour, and as soon as you agree, you become belittling.


Friendship is an one-to-one emotion, not an item that can be shared.

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A friend of a friend has nothing to do with you.


networking is not about how many people you know, but how many people you can help.

when you are not strong enough, Wechat friends are just a list;

you are good enough for these friends to become your contacts.


what you promise to others, you must do it, otherwise, please refuse directly.


it is normal for people to stay cool, and we can always rely on ourselves.


Don't ask questions when one doesn't want to say he wants to change the subject.

leave each other a little space and decency, which is a very advanced EQ.


others may not say it, but they must keep it in mind.

if you borrow and repay, it is not difficult to borrow again.


do not lend money to acquaintances easily. It is easier to borrow money than to collect debts.

if you borrow it, be prepared not to get the money back.


if you want to have a good relationship with someone, you might as well ask him to do you a small favor so that he can trouble you in the future.


Don't give advice casually. Sometimes you think it's kind, but others may not appreciate it.