2020 female standard weight table exposure: slightly fat woman, really blessed!

/June 2022

some time ago, a "2020 Women's Standard weight Table" was maxed out in moments and was heartbreaking after reading it.

all kinds of goddess standard material lists are weak and slim, and I see a yardstick of pity.

in fact, women are more beautiful when they lose weight, but they are more beautiful when they are fatter.

as the old saying goes, "A fat woman is a treasure."

living with a fatter woman is actually a blessing.


A woman with a good temper

is truly gentle when she is able to put herself in the shoes of others.

there is a fruit stall in a street near my home. The owner of the stall is affectionately called "Fat Sister" because of her round figure.

Fat Sister, in fact, she will first break off the rotten cauliflower leaves and cauliflower roots before putting them on the scale.

she will take the initiative to tell guests which are new dishes and which are sold leftovers yesterday.

she often wipes zero for customers.

so, everyone likes to go to her store to buy fruit. As a result, fat sister's business is getting bigger and bigger.

from a simple stall to now have a fruit store.

Fatty Sister's husband speaks bluntly and often doesn't take into account her feelings. Sometimes the guests in the store can no longer listen, but she laughs foolishly:

Fatty Sister is seldom angry, and her presence always makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.

the old man always said, "A woman with good fortune will look better and better." I think fat sister is like this.

Women who are fatter generally have a good personality, don't like to argue with others about everything, and are more considerate. Once angry, it is also very easy to coax.

Liang Shiqiu once wrote in his works:

Compliment your decent grace in our 8th grade graduation dresses. Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

"most fat people have a good temper. The reason why you are fat must be that you eat and sleep well.

the fat man has never been unable to fall asleep in bed, and even if he wants to think about it, he has no time to snore loudly as soon as he hits the pillow.

the so-called 'broad mind and fat body', it should be said that if you have a broad mind, you will not worry about everything, you will have enough to eat, you will be able to sleep, you will be fat and have a good temper. "

the woman who is fatter has a soft heart.

although she treats all the malice as a joke, and then laughs at herself.

but never easily touch other people's bottom line.

for a slightly fat woman, there is nothing in the world to care about.

instead of wasting time losing your temper and having a bad mood, have a good meal.

there is a fat woman at home who lives a very comfortable life.


Women who are slightly fat have a good mindset

girls who are slightly fat mostly have nothing wrong, and they are very open-minded and will not haggle over trifles:

they are the kind of women who climb a mile of mountain road, walk and gasp, and cry that they are all right.

is a self-comforting and self-healing therapist.

I met such a woman in yoga class. She was illiterate and used to do some small business, but later her husband suffered from osteonecrosis of the femoral head. In order to take care of him, she re-opened a flower shop.

because the cost is small, she can't afford to hire people. at first, she trimmed and packaged all by herself. Sometimes I am busy until the wee hours of the morning and never complain to my husband.

she learns to drive, arranges flowers, dresses up, and manages her life well.

A truly attractive woman does not look at her figure, but lies in her temperament and state of mind.

the American movie Fat Girl tells the story of Jazmin, a fat woman.

she has a job that is the envy and envy of all her peers-fashion designer. She once felt inferior and paranoid because of her body, which led to a breakup with her lover.

but every time she gets depressed, she overcomes her cowardice and goes back to work soon.

through unremitting efforts, the fat fashion she designed has successfully set off a plump wife fashion trend in the clothing industry.

Jazmin did not give up and look down on herself because of obesity, but found her best self with optimism and self-confidence.

doctors have said:

girls who are slightly fat are relaxed and fat and never pay attention to these trifles.

A slightly fat woman has a happy nature. When she meets any problem in life, she will solve it with a sensible state of mind and strive to be a calm self.

the actress Sanshun of the South Korean TV series I am Kim Sanshun is an absolute foodie. As a pastry chef, she often asks herself from the bottom of her heart, why are there so many delicious foods in the world?

she often eats and says:

most fat girls are a little silly and happy all day.

they are not delicate and hypocritical.

most old people think that if they can marry a woman who loves to laugh, they will be successful and happy for the rest of their lives.


A slightly fat woman is kinder

A woman with a plump figure is usually a casual person who eats and drinks as much as she wants.

she is neither hard on herself nor casually aggrieved by others. She has a tolerant heart.

most of the time is a simple and honest smile, do not argue with others, do not show the scenery.

when my cousin first dated her brother-in-law, her brother-in-law was tall and handsome, but her cousin brought her baby's fat face and chubby figure, and her image didn't really match her brother-in-law.

every time the two go out to dinner together, they will be pointed out by the people around them:

my cousin never gets angry and says happily, squinting her eyes every time: "I don't mind if you can help me."? "

my brother-in-law said he was moved by my cousin's kindness and mischief at that time.

she is an upright girl. She has nothing to hide. Her temper comes quickly and goes quickly. If she gets angry, she is very easy to coax. She swore never to talk to him the day before and forgot it the next day.

she never had a small belly, nor did she make him feel stressed. If such a small steamed stuffed bun doesn't marry back to be his wife, who else?

A slightly fat woman never holds an overnight grudge. Most of them are so magnanimous that you will laugh it off even if you do something wrong.

the world is helpless and confused. a slightly fat woman who knows the world is still true to herself and always keeps others in mind.

after marriage, my brother-in-law's mother always makes things difficult for her cousin, who likes to sleep late, so her mother-in-law knocks on the door at 06:00.

when her brother-in-law helped her wash her clothes, her mother-in-law nagged:

"before you got married, your mother washed all the clothes for you, but after you got married, there was no one to wash your clothes.

you said you were married? It's okay to find a good-looking one, but find someone who can eat like this and wait on him like a treasure. "

my cousin never talks back to the old man. She just smiles at her brother-in-law and says nothing.

when her mother-in-law is sick, she takes care of her before and after bed. Some people say that your mother-in-law treats you like this. Why do you care?

she smiled: "to be a parent is to make a model for my children, and I will grow old one day."

in my cousin, my brother-in-law saw a kind and compassionate heart.

it turns out that a slightly fat woman is so beautiful.


slightly fat women, women who have no sense of distance

slightly fat women are blessed and are naturally popular. Like a beam of warm light, people can't help but approach.

girls who are slightly fat give people the impression that they are friendly and easy to get close to.

there is a fat girl at the front desk of our company. She is the first to arrive at work every day.

and then warmly say hello to every colleague who comes to work, and seeing her smile on the big face every day will bring us a busy day full of good mood.

elders like her and think she is honest and sensible; children are glued to her, like her easy to get along with, and are easy to get along with with a smile.

male colleagues in the company also have a good impression of her because they are very warm with her.

even the leaders who are difficult to get along with are kind to her.

A slightly fat girl is fleshy and has no affectation at all.

they don't even bother to argue with you.

in fact, she is not really lazy, but she just doesn't want to argue with others.

some people say:

"A slightly fat girl, in a relationship, she never doubts the relationship between two people because of trifles.

as long as it is not something that touches the bottom line of principle, it will not easily give up on each other. "

the fatter woman looks lazy, but she is actually very affectionate.

it is a happy thing to be friends or lovers with her.

round face, fleshy figure, hug is very warm!

every fat woman is a potential stock that makes people feel secure.

there is a question on Zhihu: what kind of body do you think is perfect?


born beautiful, originally each has its own posture.

so smart people say:

they are bright and shining, and they don't cling too much to their bodies.

Haruki Murakami said:

people who are slightly fat are not only easy-going, but also love life and are open-minded.

if you take a wife, you have to marry a fatter woman.

as the old saying goes, a woman's life will be prosperous if she chooses the fat one.

A slightly fat woman is like a treasure.